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Guide to the AAAE: Archives of American Aerospace Exploration

Manuscript Collections

William J. Alford, Jr.
Co-designer of the outboard pivot that made variable-sweep wings possible and former head of the Advanced Transport Technology Program at NASA-Langley.
[Aviation Brochures and Pamphlets]
Advertising brochures and pamphlets from aviation companies such as Cessna and Boeing.
James J. Avitabile
Air Force officer assigned to NASA's spacecraft simulator complex as an astronaut mission operations instructor (1965-1967).
John V. Becker
Retired NASA-Langley transonic flight researcher, pioneer in the development of hypersonic research aircraft such as the X-15, and author of The High Speed Frontier: Case Histories of Four NACA Programs, 1920-1950.
Edward H. Cahill
Pioneer in aerial mapping and designer of first mapping camera used in an airplane.
George William Christopher
Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force.During World War II he instructed flying cadets at Love Field (Dallas, Texas) before joining the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) in Santa Monica, California, as an engineering test pilot, and went on active duty as a reserve officer with the Army Air Forces.
Evert B. Clark
Former aerospace journalist for the New York Times and Newsweek Magazine.
John D. Clark
Chemist who led the team of scientists that developed the rocket fuel used in the Apollo program at Pickatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, in the 1950s.
Michael Collins
Apollo XI astronaut and former director of the National Air and Space Museum.
Blake W. Corson, Jr.
Former head of the 16 Foot Transonic Tunnel Branch at NASA-Langley.
John E. Duberg
Former assistant director of the Langley Research Center.
G. Grahame Duce
President of Duce Aeronautical Research.
Robert R. Gilruth
First director of the Manned Spacecraft Center and before that head of NASA's Space Task Group.
Melvin N. Gough
Former chief test pilot at NACA Langley and first director of spacecraft testing for NASA.
Samuel Herrick
Pioneer theoretician of space travel who instituted the world's first university-level course on astronautics at UCLA in 1946.
Paul R. Hill
Teacher at Polytechnic College of Engineering in Oakland, California, then NACA and NASA engineer until 1970.
Henry J. Kelley
Former Christopher C. Kraft Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech and former assistant chief of research for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation.
Christopher C. Kraft, Jr.
Flight director for NASA during the Mercury and Gemini programs and director of the Johnson Space Center from 1972 to 1982.
F. Edward McLean
Former head of NASA's Supersonic Technology Office and author of Supersonic Cruise Technology.
[NASA Project Tapes]
Various projects, including news conferences from the Gemini Program, Kennedy [Space Center], John Glenn and other astronauts.
Thornton L. Page
Co-developer of the S-201 far ultraviolet camera/ spectograph for space photography.
Otis J. Parker
Inventor of the "jet shoes" locomotion device.
W. Dale Parker
Management specialist in the Gemini spacecraft production program.
John T. Parsons
Founder of the Parsons Corporation and developer of the concept of numerical control for computer-controlled manufacture of complex aircraft structures.
William Hewitt Phillips
Former NACA and NASA Langley Research Center aerospace engineer; chief of Flight Dynamics and Control Division from 1970 to 1979. Author of Journey in Aeronautical Research: a Career at NASA Langley Research Center.
Edward C. Polhamus
NASA-Langley Distinguished Research Associate, authority on vortex lift aerodynamics, and co- developer of the outboard-pivot technology for variable-sweep wings.
James R. Randolph
Physicist, science fiction novelist and proponent of space travel in the 1920s and 1930s.
Hartley A. Soule
Former chief of research and former assistant director for high-speed aircraft at NASA Langley.
Robert E. Taylor
Pilot for Pan American Airways and the Reserve Army Air Corps in the early 1940s.
Earl A. Thornton
Aerospace engineer, author, specialist in thermal structures, and Virginia Tech graduate (BS and PhD).
John W. Townsend
Former director of the Goddard Space Center.
Marjorie Rhodes Townsend
Former project manager for small astronomy satellites at the Goddard Space Center.

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