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Front Cover

American Farming and Stock Raising
Edited by Charles L. Flint
S 501 F63 v.1-3 Spec

Images from Volume I:

Champion Road-Grader at Work
Charles L. Flint
Clark's Hay Elevator and Carrier
Cotton Field
Double Geared Plantation Cane Mill
Eagle Power Gin
Erecting Barb Fence
Gathering Tea
Gilpin Sulky and Timber Land Plow
Greensward and Sub-soil Eagle Plow
Hay or Sugar Cane Scales
Improved Hoosier Grain Drill
Kemp's Manure Spreader
La Dow's Pulverizing Harrow
Marshall P. Wilder
Noyes Antifriction Haycarrier
Noyes Field Pitching Apparatus
Pulverizing Harrow, Clod-Crusher, and Leveler
Sequoia Gigantea (Giant Redwood)
The Cassady Sulky Plow
The McCormic Iron Mower
The Noyles Grapple Fork
Traction or Self-Propelling Farm Engine
Victor Clover Machine

Images from Volume III:

East India Silk Worm
Eggs During Incubation
Family Scales
Honey Extractor
Manly Miles
National Farmer's Cider Mill

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