Aerial Views of Virginia Tech

1891-92 View from Barracks Number 1

1910-19 Campus View From Water Tower

1923 Looking North From The Water Tower

1936 Barracks

1948 Campus Aerial

1954 Water Tower, Eggleston, Memorial Chapel
1955 Drillfield, Mall, Miles Stadium, War Memorial Gym
1957 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Campus
1957 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Campus
1958 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Campus
1958 Virginia Polytechnic Institute Campus

1960 Campus Aerial
1960 Memorial Chapel
1960-64 Campus and Main Street
1960 Mall, Drillfield, and Surrounding Campus
1961 Main Street, Mall, Drillfield and fields beyond
1961 Drillfield and Mall
1961 Mall, North Main Street, and Town
1961 Drillfield, Price, Agnew, Smyth, Mall, and town
1961 From Seitz end of Drillfield (before West Campus Drive)
1961 Campus from west, town, and mountains
1964-74 Campus
1964-1974 Lane Stadium, Worsham Field, Cassel Coliseum, and Dorms
1965-1970 Drillfield and Mall
1967 Squires (before addition), Donaldson brown, Cassel Coliseum, Dorms
1960 Donaldson Brown, Squires (during addition), Cassel Coliseum, and Dorms
1968 Campus from Brush Mountain

1970-1971 Power Plant, Femoyer, Major Williams, McBryde (under construction), Price House (later Women's Center)
1970 Drillfield, Mall, Academic Buildings, and Dorms
After 1971 Virginia Polytechnic Insitiute and State University campus looking toward Brush and Salt Pond Mountains
1972 Lane Stadium and Worsham Field
1974 Dairy Science, Lane Stadium, and Cassell Coliseum
Campus Mall Before 1975
1975 Mall and Drillfield
1975 Donaldson Brown, Squires, Newman Library, and Bookstore
1975 Squires, Newman Library, and Mall
1975 McBryde, Performing Arts Building, and Price House
1975 War Memorial, Dorms, and "Prairie"
1975 Campus Mall and Drillfield
1975 West End of Drillfield
1975 Ambler Johnson and Parking Lots
1975 Greenhouses and Mosley Practice Field
1975 Lane Stadium, Worsham Field, Cassell Coliseum, and Dorms
1975 Dairy Science, Rector Field House, Lane Stadium, and Cassell Coliseum
1975 Squires (after addition), Newman Library, Main Commuter Lot, and Academic Buildings
1975 Drillfield, Lane Stadium, Cassel Coliseum, Burruss
1975 Donaldson Brown, Squires, Newman Library, Bookstore
1975 Dorms, Tennis Courts, and Drillfield

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