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Commandants of Cadets, 1872-2000

From the day of its founding to the present Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has had a commandant of cadets. The session of 1880-1881 is unique however. The Board of Visitors failed to appoint either a commandant or a president. Acting President Hart thereupon appointed a senior cadet as acting commandant and permitted this individual to select other seniors as acting assistant commandants. With this one exception all commandants have been appointed by the Board of Visitors.

Name Years
Gen. James H. Lane 1872-1880
Cadet Capt. James A. Clarke (acting) 1880-1882
Col. W. Ballard Preston 1882-1884
Lt. J. C. Gresham 1884-1887
Col. W. Ballard Preston 1887
Lt. J. T. Knight 1887-1890
Lt. J. A. Harman 1890-1894
Lt. D. C. Shanks 1894-1898
Col. A. T. Finch 1898-1900
Col. J. S. A. Johnson 1900-1906
Capt. G. H. Jameson 1906-1909
Capt. E. R. Dashiell 1909-1911
Lt. J. F. Ware 1911-1914
Lt. S. W. Anding 1914-1917
Maj. W. P. Stone 1917-1918
Maj. J. C. Skuse 1918-1919
Capt. C. C. Carson 1919-1920
Maj. F. E. Williford 1920-1924
Maj. W. R. Nichols 1924-1929
Lt. Col. J. B. Maynard 1929-1935
Lt. Col. C. H. Tenney 1935-1938
Col. J. H. Cochran 1938-1942
Col. R. W. Wilson 1942-1945
Col. George Henderson 1945-1946
Col. T. W. Munford 1946-1951
Col. W. B. Merritt 1951-1952
Maj. Gen. J. M. Devine 1952-1961
Brig. Gen. M. W. Schewe 1961-1967
Maj. Gen. F. T. Pachler 1967-1972
Brig. Gen. David S. Henderson 1972-1973
Brig. Gen. Earl C. Acuff 1973-1980
Lt. Gen. Howard M. Lane 1980-1989
Maj. Gen. Stanton R. Musser 1989-1999
Maj. Gen. Jerrold P. Allen 1999-

Source: Kinnear, Duncan Lyle, The First 100 Years: A History of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Polytechnic Institute Educational Foundation, 1972), Apprendix II, p. 478.

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