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Generals & Flag Officers of Virginia Tech

Compiled by LTC John A. Coulter '76 and Tamara Kennelly

Virginia Tech with over a 146-year military tradition has 97 generals and admirals among its alumni. These include 3 four star Generals, 11 Lieutenant Generals, 33 Major Generals, 42 Brigadier Generals, and 8 Rear Admirals. Forty-four have been from the Army, 34 from the Air Force, 6 from the Navy, 2 from the Coast Guard, and 1 from the Marine Corps, 9 from the National Guard, and 1 from the Militia. With the addition of Navy/Marine ROTC in 1983 at Virginia Tech, the naval service expects a greater representation over the next 125 years. The class with the greatest number of generals is the class of 1941.

Class Name Service
1883 Brigadier General Edward Anderson U.S. Army
1892 Brigadier General George H. Jamerson U.S. Army
1897 Brigadier General Richard H. Jordan U.S. Army
1897 Rear Admiral William J. Wheeler U.S. Coast Guard
1904 Brigadier General Harry C. Lewis U.S. Army
1907 Brigadier General John B. Maynard U.S. Army
1907 Brigadier General Walter P. Boatwright U.S. Army
1910 Major General Harry B. Vaughan, Jr. U.S. Army
1911 Brigadier General Hugh G. Milton U.S. Army
1912 Major General William S. Gravely U.S. Air Force
1912 Major General Robert C. Macon U.S. Army
1912 Major General Guy B. Denit U.S. Army
1912 Major General Oliver P. Echols U.S. Air Force
1913 Major General Albert C. Smith U.S. Army
1914 Lieutenant General Lewis A. Pick U.S. Army
1915 Major General James F. Powell U.S. Air Force
1916 Brigadier General William C. Kabrich U.S. Army
1916 Rear Admiral Norborne L. Rawlings U.S. Navy
1916 Major General Cecil R. Moore U.S. Army
1917 Brigadier General Frank Camm U.S. Army
1918 Brigadier General William H. Ford U.S. Army
1920 Major General William H. Middleswart U.S. Army
1923 Brigadier General Louis H. Ginn, Jr. U.S. Army
1924 Brigadier General John P. Willey U.S. Army
1925 Major General Bertram A. Holtzworth U.S. Army
1926 Brigadier General Robert B. Skinner U.S. Army
1928 Brigadier General Frederick E. Calhoun U.S. Air Force
1929 Brigadier General Harry S. Beasley U.S. Army Reserve
1929 Brigadier General Charles E. Rust U.S. Army
1929 Rear Admiral Ernest C. Holzworth U.S. Navy
1930 Major General William D. Price U.S.A.F. Reserve
1931 Rear Admiral James A. Alger U.S. Coast Guard
1932 Brigadier General Douglas E. Williams U.S. Air Force
1933 Brigadier General Stephen D. McElroy U.S. Air Force
1934 Brigadier General William W. Brock, Jr. U.S. Air Force
1934 Major General William Thomas Rice U.S. Army Reserve
1934 Major General William E. Eubank, Jr. U.S. Air Force
1938 Brigadier General William E. Reynolds U.S. Army Reserve
1938 Major General Milton A. Pilcher U.S. Army Reserve
1939 Brigadier General Marvin Theron Ball VA. National Guard
1940 Brigadier General George D. Eastes VA. National Guard
1940 Major General Albert Ross Morris, Jr. VA. National Guard
1940 Lieutenant General Wallace H. Robinson U.S. Marine Corps
1941 Major General Henry B. Kucheman Jr. U.S. Air Force
1941 Brigadier General Hugh A. Richeson U.S. Army
1941 Brigadier General George W. Dickerson U.S. Army
1941 Major General William S. Chairsell U.S. Air Force
1941 Lieutenant General John H. Elder, Jr. U.S. Army
1942 Lieutenant General Joseph G. Wilson U.S. Air Force
1943 Brigadier General Willard P. Milby, Jr. U.S. Army Reserve
1943 Lieutenant General Howard H. Cooksey U.S. Army
1944 Brigadier General John D. Lewis U.S. Army
1944 Rear Admiral Julian S. Lake U.S. Navy
1945 Lieutenant General Ranald T. Adams, Jr. U.S. Air Force
1946 Brigadier General Frank J. Parrish U.S.A.F. Reserve
1948 Brigadier General Robert F. Titus U.S. Air Force
1948 Brigadier General William J. Andrews U.S. Army
1949 Major General H.C. Smyth, Jr. Texas, N.G.
1950 Brigadier General John R. Budner U.S. Air Force
1950 Major General Archie S. Cannon, Jr. U.S. Army
1951 Major General Allison G. Glover U.S. Air Force
1951 Lieutenant General Walter D. Druen U.S. Air Force
1952 Brigadier General Gerald Childress U.S. Army
1952 Major General George F. Meehaghan S.C. Militia
1952 Lieutenant General Robert L. Moore U.S. Army
1953 Major General John P. Henderson, Jr. U.S. Army Reserve
1954 Brigadier General William Parke Lemmond U.S. Army
1956 Major General Tommy T. Thompson VA National Guard
1956 Rear Admiral Alvin S. Newman U.S. Navy
1956 General Thomas C. Richards U.S. Air Force
1958 Brigadier General William L. Hiner U.S. Air Force
1961 Major General Lester P. Brown, Jr. U.S. Air Force
1962 Major General Ralph H. Oates U.S. Air Force
1962 Rear Admiral Arthur Clark U.S. Navy
1963 Brigadier General Stanley O. Smith U.S. Air Force
1964 Brigadier General Robert G. Jenkins U.S. Air Force
1966 Brigadier General David L. Young U.S. Air Force
1967 Brigadier General Gary P. Morgan Colorado Air N.G.
1967 Brigadier General Lloyd Scott VA National Guard
1967 Brigadier General Leon A. Wilson, Jr. U.S. Air Force
1968 Major General Edward R. Ellis U.S. Air Force
1969 Brigadier General William F. Engle U.S. Army
1969 Lieutenant General Joseph R. Inge U.S. Army
1969 General Lance L. Smith U.S. Air Force
1969 Major General Claude A. Williams VA National Guard
1970 Lieutenant General William M. Boykin U.S. Army
1970 Major General Dan Dick U.S. Air Force
1971 Major General Peter C. Franklin U.S. Army
1972 Major General James E. Archer U.S. Army
1973 Rear Admiral Annette C. Brown U.S. Navy
1976 Major General Frank R. Faykes U.S. Air Force
1976 Lieutenant General Thomas W. Travis U.S. Air Force
1976 Brigadier General William P. Ard U.S. Air Force
1983 Brigadier General Michele Gillen Compton U.S. Army Reserve
1983 Major General Michael B. Compton U.S. Air Force
1983 General Carlton D. Everheart, II U.S. Air Force
1984 Major General Timothy P. Williams VA. National Guard

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