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Presidents of the Civilian Student Body and of the Student Government Association, 1935-1972

A Civilian Student Union was organized in 1930 and a Women's Student Union was organized in 1934. The two groups united to form the Civilian Student Body in 1939.

In 1966 the Civilian Student Body combined with the Corps of Cadets under one combined Student Government Association. This combined organization elected its first slate of officers for the 1966-1967 session. Therefore all presidents beginning with 1967 served as president of the combined student bodies

Ames, B. E., 1948; Apperson, J. W., 1937; Barrett, R. S., 1962; Belcher, V. H., 1938; Benton, R. E., 1959; Boaze, S. W. (Jr.), 1952; Brown, J. R., 1943; Bush, M. M., 1941; Caldwell, H. H., 1949; Callahan, T. T. (Jr.), 1946*; Chandler, G. F. (III), 1963; Clay, K. O., 1966; Colbourne, W. L. (Jr.), 1968; Curling, J. C., 1950; Cutler, S. S., 1942; Dickinson, F. M., 1964; Earp, U. F., 1939; Francis, A. J. (Jr.), 1935; Gawthmey, R. C., 1944*; George, A. A., 1936; George, F. W., 1972; Hahn, R. H., 1946*; Hawthorne, R. L., 1971; Kindle, U. F., 1951; Latham, W. C., 1955; McCulloch, A. B., 1945; Massey, J. W., 1940; Montague, C. M., 1953; Nolen, F. W., 1965; Norris, D. M., 1970; Obenchain, J. B., 1960; Oliver, M. L., 1947; Oxley, G. M., 1956; Rigney, M. G., 1967; Rosen, W. H., 1944*; Rosh, Walter, 1943*; Smoot, R. D., 1969; Sturges, A. P., 1957; Swink, J. H., 1954; Vaughan, C. L., 1961; Wood, R. L., 1958.

* Served part of the year

Source: Kinnear, Duncan Lyle, The First 100 Years: A History of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Polytechnic Institute Educational Foundation, 1972), Apprendix V, p. 481.