Women's Basketball: The Early Years

1929 Tin Horn

The only form of athletics which has been developed here for women to any extent is basketball. This year our team has had a very successful season, having lost only two games.

After two months of good training the first game of the season was played on the home court with Radford. This game went to Radford with a 38-8 score. This is the lowest score to which our team has ever held Radford. The following Thursday the Turkey hens played a return game with Radford. This could probably be best called a basketball game on a skating rink. Again Radford was victorious, this time 47-9.

On February 5 the team left for a two game trip into the wilds of West Virginia. On the first night they encountered the Mountain Lions of Concord College. The game was fast and full of thrills and when the final whistle blew the score was 12-12. The next night our girls played the Bluefield College girls. The Turkey Hens had a hard night for after completely outplaying the Bluefielders the game ended with an 18-18 score. The co-eds made eighteen points, however, which did not count.

The team put in some good practice for the two weeks before the next game with Concord. During this period, the team had the misfortune of having one of its players, Goodloe, taken to the hospital for an operation. On the afternoon of February 21 the game with Concord was played. It was rather slow but our girls showed that they could play ball anyway, by winning with a four point margin, score 18-14.

Encouraged with this, the first real victory of the season, our Turkey Hens strutted over to Marion and played a fast and cocky game to win with a score of 23-14.

The last game of the season was played on the home court with Marion. The first half of the game was close, but the co-eds came back on the floor with vim and pop which enabled them to again be victors over Marion with an 18-10 score. Good teamwork was an outstanding feature of the co-eds' playing.

The team has played good, peppy basketball all season, evidence of which has been shown by the excellent support given them by the co-eds and the corps. Much credit and praise must go to Coach Blair who has worked under much difficulty and self denial to develop the team for which we are all justly proud. With the loss of only two players, Vernon and Thomas, the Turkey Hens are in line for a much improved team and record next year.


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