Roanoke Times, June 29, 1944

College Merger Presents Living Quarters Problem

Principles To Determine What Girls May Live At Tech Outlined

Blacksburg, June 28.-- Principles for determining what girls may be "domiciled" at Blacksburg were outlined by the V.P.I. board of visitors meeting at Radford Tuesday. C.P. Miles, dean of the college at Blacksburg, and Dr. M'Ledge Moffett, dean of women of Radford college, were authorized to make decisions as to the residence of individual students" within the limitations imposed by the resolutions adopted.

The chief objection raised against the legislation when under consideration by the general assembly was to the requirement that all girls, with certain limited exceptions, must be "domiciled at Radford."

To Name Committee
The board Tuesday also authorized the presidents of the two institutions to appoint a committee of the faculties to "reorganize the home economics program in such a way that as much of the work as possible be offered at Radford college."

The law bringing the two institutions under the V.P.I. board of visitors requires that all women, "unless graduate students, more than 21 years old, or legal residents of Blacksburg and vicinity," must live at Radford college. The resolution adopted by the board requires that all women students "entering V.P.I. for the first time after July 1, 1944, be domiciled on the campus at Radford except as outlined below:

"1. Whenever it has been conclusively demonstrated by a committee of the board to be appointed by the rector with outside specialists as advisors that such courses as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc., are not comparable to those same courses at Blacksburg or cannot be made comparable;

"2. When specialized classes in the home economics curricula in the third or fourth years make residence on the Blacksburg campus necessary because such courses are not offered on the Radford campus;

"3. When it is desired to enter specialized curricula in engineering, agriculture, or other branches for which no provisions is made at Radford;

"4. When during the four-year period of adjustment any woman student who wishes to pursue specialized programs in home economics such as dietetics or home demonstration work, not offered at Radford, and who has completed two years of home economics at a recognized institution.

Continue at Tech
Girls who were enrolled at V.P.I. when the merger took effect may continue in Blacksburg during the four-year "adjustment" period.

All four of the women members recently appointed to the V.P.I. board of visitors attended the meeting. They are: Mrs. R. G. Boatwright, Coeburn; Mrs. R. L. McConnell, Radford; Dr. Phlegar Smith, dean of Hollins college, and Mrs. H. H. Walton, Louisa. The 10 men members including the two ex-officio members, also attended the session.