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Freeman Article THE LETTER BOX [Aug. 15, 1940]

"The Average Man Does Not Object To The Cost Of The Defense Program If The Money Is Wisely Spent"

Editor, The Roanoke Times:

In view of the fact that there have been a quite a few ideas concerning the negro, I have decided to write and let you get a viewpoint of how some feel here on top of the mountain regardless as to whether it makes print or not.

As to loyalty this phase has always been portrayed by us, and I am sure all will remember the services that were rendered in the World warm although the placements were in the back seats the majority of the time. And today we favor the building of a program that will stand solidly against aggression, which has been so emphasized by the truce of the Republicans and Democrats, so close to convention time.

Some might still debate why Germany was able to move so swiftly against France. The reason is that Germany was better prepared, because it has been ruled for a number of years by a dictator whose word was law and whose thoughts and efforts have been toward rearming. Dictator countries can, for a short period move faster than democracies because one man, instead of groups, gives the orders.

But. Democracies can also move swiftly when it's necessary. Look at England. When parliament passed its powers to Mr. Churchill. And President Roosevelt himself virtually spoke as a dictator (on May 16) when he told congress that it should start immediately in a program to make us superior to any dictator country in the worls regardless of cost.

As to this, the average citizen does not object to the cost of the new defense program if the money is wisely spent and not squandered for the benefit of a few.

Because there is danger in the "fifth column" which worked so advantageously for Hitler in the countries he invaded.

Remember we live in a democracy. And democracy must be preserved. Its ideals of freedom, equality, opportunity and cooperation can be made real only through loyalty and sacrifice and this the negro has emphasized since his emancipation.

Therefore I am sure if all men and women in public office will insist on honesty, efficiency, justice and true servants of the general welfare as some do, democracy will stand.

Blacksburg, Va.

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