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One of the First Six Black Women Students at Virginia Tech:
Jackie Butler Blackwell
Picture of Jackie Butler from 1967 Bugle Picture of Jackie Butler from 1968 Bugle Picture of Jackie Butler from 1969 Bugle
Jackie Butler in the 1967 Bugle. Jackie Butler in the 1968 Bugle. Jackie Butler in the 1969 Bugle.

Jacquelyn Butler Blackwell
Virginia Tech class of:
Date of Interview:
29 April 1995
Location of Interview:
Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
Tamara Kennelly
Cindy McLaughlin

Interview Excerpt:

Tamara Kennelly: Were there problems other places?

Listen to Jackie's response (1139K)

Blackwell: The only thing was when we would go to the cafeteria, and we had our trays, and we had to pick a table to eat. Sometimes when we sat at the table, the students at the table would get up and move to another table. That was about it. That's the only negative thing that I can remember that's really vivid in my mind. And that was only like when we first got here, the first year.

Jackie Butler Blackwell Oral History Interview Transcript
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