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Oral History Interview with Elaine Carter
Catalyst of the Black Women's History Project
Elaine Carter

Elaine Dowe Carter
Date of Interview:
19 October 1995
Location of Interview:
Elaine Carter's home
Tamara Kennelly
Cindy McLaughlin, Cynthia Hurd

Elaine Dowe Carter grew up in Elliston, Montgomery County. She is the daughter of Albert Garland and Talma (Sorrell) Dowe. Carter's grandfather and great-grandmother were slaves. She graduated from Christiansburg Institute at fourteen and attended Rosary College. She graduated from Howard University in 1952 and did graduate work at Boston College. She was awarded a Commonwealth Fellowship from the State of Virginia in 1992, and she is now working on a doctorate at Virginia Tech in Public Administration. She is the catalyst for the Black Women at Virginia Tech Oral History Project.

Elaine Dowe Carter Oral History Interview Transcript
Elaine Carter
Elaine Carter graduating from Christiansburg Industrial Institute in 1948

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