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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 1.6:
The Lomax Years (1886-1891)

During the years that Lomax served as president, there were no reorganizations, political interference, nor significant academic changes. The major achievement of his administration was the erection of the Number One Barracks (now known as Lane Hall), completed and occupied in October 1888, and housing 150 students (two to a room).

A Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station was legally established at the college by a March 1, 1886, act of the state legislature. On February 29, 1888, the state accepted the provisions of the federal Hatch Act of March 2, 1887, which provided grants of money to maintain such experiment stations.

During Lomax's administration, discipline over the student body again began to deteriorate, culminating in wanton destruction to college property by the students. The board of visitors felt that a more able administrator was needed to achieve the mission of the institution, and they decided at a meeting in Richmond April 7, 1891, that Lomax should be removed. He was, however, allowed to resign and did so. On May 11, 1891, John M. McBryde was elected the fifth president of the college, and a new era began.


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