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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 2.10:
Student Personnel Division

Administrative services and staff guidance for Tech students is provided through the Student Personnel Division, headed by a vice president for student affairs. The division includes offices charged with directing residence hall programs, student services, military affairs, health affairs, placement, and guidance and counseling.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS - Office was established Sept.1, 1968. Lineage:Civilian Student Adviser (1939-46): R.P. Snead, 1939-42; J.M. Barringer, 1942-43; post suspended, 1943-45; E.J. Shiflet, 1945-46. Director of Student Affairs (1947-52): R.E. Bates. Director of Civilian Students and Coordinator of Student Activities (1952-58): J.W. Guthridge (acting). Director of Student Affairs (1958-59): M.L. Oliver. Director of Student Affairs and Dean of Civilian Students (1959-63): J.W. Dean. Dean of Students (1963-68): J.W. Dean. Vice President for Student Affairs (1968-present): J.W. Dean.

DEAN FOR STUDENT PROGRAMS - Office had its origin in a combination of the former dean of men and dean of women offices. Lineage: Dean of Men (1964-69): J.G. Brown. Dean of Women (1965-69): A.L. Rentz, 1965-66; M.B. Harder,1966-69. Dean of Men's and Women's Programs (1969-1971); M.B. Harder. Dean for Student Programs (1971- ): D.E. Hill.

DEAN FOR STUDENT SERVICES - Office was established in 1969 along with dean of men's and women's programs. Dean for Student Services (1969- ): J.G. Brown.

COMMANDANT OF CADETS - There have been 27 different Commadants since 1872. The post was made responsible to the dean of students (now vice president of student affairs) in 1966. Commandant of Cadets Gen. J.H. Lane, 1872-79; Vacant, July 1, 1879-1881; Col. W.B. Preston, 1881-85; Lt. J.C. Gresham, 1885-87; Col. W.B. Preston 1887; Lt. J.T. Knight, 1887-90; Lt. J.A. Harman, 1890-94; Lt. D.C. Shanks, 1895-98; Prof. A.T. Finch, 1898-1901; Prof. J.S.A. Johnson, 1901-06; Capt. G.H. Jameson, 1906-09; Capt. E.R. Dashiell, 1909-11; Lt. J.F. Ware, 1911-14; Lt. S.W. Anding, 1914-17; Capt. C.C. Carson, 1917; Maj. W.P. Stone, 1917-18; Maj. J.C. Skuse, 1918-19; Maj. C.C. Carson, 1919-20; Maj. F.E. Williford, 1920-24; Maj. W.R. Nichols, 1924-29; Lt. Col. J.B. Maynard, 1929-35; Lt. Col. C.H. Tenney, 1935-38; Col. J.H. Cochran, 1938-42; Col. R.W. Wilson, 1942-45; Col. George Henderson, 1945-46; Col. T.M. Munford, 1946-51; Col. W.B. Merritt, 1951-52; Maj. Gen. J.M. Devine, 1952-61; Brig. Gen. M.W. Schewe, 1961-67; Maj. Gen. F.T. Pachler, 1967-72; Brig. Gen. D.F. Henderson, 1972-

COUNSELING CENTER - Established July 1963, absorbing guidance phase of former Guidance and Placement Office, which had been established in September 1935.

PLACEMENT SERVICES - Established July 1963, absorbing placement phase of former Guidance and Placement Office, which had been established in September 1935.

HEALTH SERVICES - The first mention of an infirmary for students is in the Report of the College for 1875-76 in which it was noted that "a hospital has been provided and a physician appointed to furnish attendance and medicine to sick students." The cost was $5 a year to the student. The infirmary occupied several different locations until moving to the oldest section of the present Henderson Hall Infirmary in 1902. A full-time health officer was appointed with the establishment of the health department in 1920.


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