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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 2.5:
Student Government Association

The civilian and cadet student governments were united under a single constitution on April 19, 1966. One set of officers and one senate, composed of both civilians and cadets, represent all students at the University. A Civilian Interdormitory Council for male civilians and a Women's Interdormitory Council for coeds, both established in the Fall of 1966, are responsible for residence hall matters.

Student Government Presidents

The first president of the Student Government Association (Unified Student Body during 1966-67) was elected for the 1966-67 session. The presidents are listed by the year in which they served the major portion of their office:

1967, M.G. Rigney; 1968, William Coulbourne Jr.; 1969, R.D. Smoot Jr.; 1970, D.M. Norris; 1971, R.L. Hawthorne; 1972, F.W. George; 1973, C.C. Lacy.


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