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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 3.1:
Board of Visitors

Governor Gilbert C. Walker appointed the first board of visitors the day he signed the bilI establishing the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College on March 19, 1872. The first meeting of the board was in Richmond March 25-26. The first board was composed of 10 members (three serving three-year terms, three serving two-year terms, three serving one-year terms, and one ex-officio member). Composition of the board has changed from time to time down through the years.

Rectors - The chairman of the board of visitors is called the rector. Rectors since 1872 have been: Harvey Black (1872-75); Gen. G.C. Wharton (1875-77); William Eggleston (1877-80); R.P. Carson (1880-81); James C. Taylor (1882-86); Waller R. Staples (1886-87); J. Hoge Tyler (1887-89); Charles E. Vawter (1889-1900); J. Thompson Brown (1900-08); J.C. Carrington (1908-10); L.E. Johnson (1910-12); J. Thompson Brown, (1912-21); J.B. Watkins (1921-26); Robert S. Moss (1926-43); James P. Woods (1943-48); William E. Wine (1948-52); Vernon G. Eberwine (1952-56); Guy L. Furr (1956-62); W. Thomas Rice (1962-64); Harry C. Wyatt (1964-70); C. Eugene Rowe (1970- ).


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