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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 3.4:
Vice Presidents

The first vice president at the college was Walter S. Newman, who served in the post from March 1946 until named acting president in May 1947. The post was combined with director of Graduate Studies from 1949-65 and was held by: C. Clement French (February 1949-August 1950); Louis A. Pardue (October 1950-February 1963); Warren W. Brandt (July 1963-Summer 1965). The first dean of the Graduate School was named in the summer of 1965, and Brandt continued as vice president until 1966, when a reorganization eliminated the single post and established two: vice president for academic affairs and vice president for administration. In 1968 an executive vice president post was established along with two additional posts: vice president for finance and vice president for student affairs. Vice presidents since the 1966 reorganization are listed below:

Executive Vice President - W.W. Brandt (1968-69); W.J. McKeefery (1969- ).

Vice President For Academic Affairs - W.W. Brandt (1966-68); L.F. Malpass (1968- ).

Vice President For Administration- S.K. Cassell (1966- ).

Vice President For Finance - W.E. Lavery (1968- ).

Vice President For Student Affairs - J.W. Dean (1968- ).


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