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Virginia Tech Historical Data Book, Section 3.5:
Other Administrative Offices

BUSINESS MANAGER - The Office of the Business Manager was established in 1920. From 1966-68 it was part of the office of the vice president for administration. It has been part of the vice president for finance office since 1968. Business managers: Charles I. Wade (1920-23); E.C. Miller (1923-45); S.K. Cassell (1945-66); E.B. Evans (1966- ).

ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS - Student record-keeping work was done by the secretary to the president until 1902 when the first registrar was appointed. An Office of Admissions was established in 1946, and the registrar's office became a sub-unit of it at that time. The name of the office was changed to Admissions and Records in 1964; the title of the head was changed from director to dean in summer 1966.

Admissions and Records - P.H. Farrier, director of admissions (1954- 1956); L.E. Fuller, acting director of admissions (1956-58); P.H. Farrier, director of admissions (1958-63), director of admissions and records (1963-64); M.P. Lacy, director of admissions and records (1965-66), dean of admissions and records (1966- ).

Registrar - C.D. Taliaferro (1902-04); B.P. Selden (1904-05); no registrar from 1905-11; R.T. Ellett (1911-13); Maggie M. Wade (1913-20); Melva S. Chapman, assistant to the dean of the college in charge of registration and class records, (1926-37); Clarice Slusher (1937-63); G.J. Braun (1963-64); R.E. Keller (1964- ).

DEVELOPMENT - An Office of Development was established in 1958. From 1963-66 it was combined with public relations into a Department of Public Relations and Development. The two have been separate since 1966, when the Division of Information Services was established, absorbing public relations. Directors: Earl Fisher (1958-62); R.C. Fabian (1963-67); W.B. Bell (1968- ).

INFORMATION SERVICES - A Division of Information Services was established in the summer of 1966, combining all of the university's information and visual aids media and printing services under one director. Visual aids was removed from the division in 1971 and placed in a newly created Learning Resources Center. Division directors: Warren H. Strother (1966- ).

Before the division was formed, agricultural and home economics Extension information had been produced through the directors of the Agricultural Experiment Station (1888-46); editors of the Agricultural Extension Service (1917-46); and editors of the Agricultural Information Office (which absorbed the editorial functions of both the service and the station in 1946). Dissemination of information by radio was begun in January 1930 from studios in the tower of Memorial Gymnasium. An educational film unit was added in 1955. General, non-agricultural information was also handled by the Extension editor until a separate publications department was established in 1928. This department (changed to Public Relations in 1945) handled official information for general administrative offices and non-agricultural departments. The printing plant of J.R. Eoff and Son in Christiansburg was leased by the college in July 1921 and purchased in July 1923 for $7,993.80. The equipment was moved to the basement of the First Academic Building, where it was operated until 1953 when it moved to the present location in the old Mechanical Engineering Laboratory.

Directors of agricultural information before 1966: E.R. Price (1917-43); Rudolph Michael (1943-65). Directors of college/university public relations before 1966: Robert H. McNeil (1928-64); W.H. Strother (1964-66). Printing plant managers before 1966: M.H.H. Eoff (1921-42); F.O. Shanks (1942-66).

Major periodicals published through the division were:

Bulletin of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - First issue in series appeared January 1908. Engineering Experiment Station bulletins added to series in March 1923; removed in 1966. Popular technical studies by the Engineering Extension Division added to series in October 1924; removed in 1966. Context, a quarterly, general magazine added to series in Fall 1966.

Daily Bulletin/Weekly Calendar - Mimeographed report of current campus events for campus distribution only was begun September 26, 1952; changed to offset in 1965. A Weekly Calendar, taking the place of Saturday's Daily Bulletin, was established in the fall of 1965; changed to Monday publication in 1966.

Extension News - Extension Division News was established as a monthly in November 1918; later changed name to Extension Service News; present name adopted in November 1970.

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health (Virqinia 4-H Club Letter) - Monthly publication established with May-June 1918 issue.

On Campus - A faculty-staff newsletter established Nov. 29, 1968; published twice a month.

Techgram - A double post card news bulletin, called The Techgram, was first published Jan. 1, 1923, containing promotional data about the college; it was discontinued after Oct. 1, 1929. A new Techgram in 9 1/2-inch by 12 1/4-inch tabloid newspaper format was begun Oct. 1, 1930. It was published twice a month until changed to a monthly in September 1965.

LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER - Established 1971, combining all audio-visual services of the university under a single director: Directors: Stanley A. Huffman Jr. (1971- ).

INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH - Office established 1966. Directors: R.B. Holliman (1966); Leo Padis (1967); Carl Renfroe (1967); and James R. Montgomery (1968- ).

PHYSICAL PLANT PLANNING - Office established 1966. Directors: H.P.C. Vandenberg (1966- ).

UNIVERSITY SERVICES AND AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES - Office established 1966. Director: H.W. Swink (1966- ).


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