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Fifty-Year Celebration of the Department of Biochemistry

Bruce M. Anderson
"Physical Chemistry for Life Science"
Interview by Thomas O. Sitz

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Sitz: ...I guess, the undergraduate enrollment in the seventies had probably got up close to 400 students. Currently running about 330 - 340.

Anderson: That's true. And then things started to level off when some of the other departments withdrew some of their students from that course because it was just too much for their background to handle, and we had other courses set up for biochemistry for non-majors. And also, I feel another achievement was the establishment of Physical Chemistry for Life Science. At that time, working with Neal Boyd, who was assistant dean, was very helpful since his background was physical chemistry anyhow. Neal and I convinced the Chemistry Department to set up a new course that would be physical chemistry for biochemists. And we were very fortunate in having Jim Wightman, an excellent teacher in chemistry. At least he recognized that there was a real need and developed a course from the word go. We were very fortunate in having someone like Jim to work with us on that.

Sitz: This may be Jim's last year. He has retired but was still doing part-time teaching. That's become a popular course for them because they have two sections they teach. The B.A. chemists take that course, and they pick up some biology students.

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