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Interview by Warren H. Strother - Context, Vol. 10, No. 2, Winter 1976

Kendall King returned to the Tech campus for commencement this past June as a proud parent. His son, Russell, was graduated from the University in biochemistry, preliminary to enrolling as a graduate student in nutritional biochemistry at Cornell. The Kings' daughter, Virginia, is married to Tech graduate Christopher M. Grace; the couple makes its home in Winston-Salem, N. C. Kendall King and his wife, Kathie, live in Scarsdale, N. Y. Mrs. King is part owner and assistant manager of a combined fabric store and sewing school, Headen Enterprises, Inc., of Bronxville, N. Y. It's a busy, active family.

When King is in New York he most often can be found at Research Corporation's offices high above Lexington Avenue. But he travels incessantly throughout much of the western hemisphere. On occasion he sits himself down on a long airplane flight and puts pen to paper to reflect upon the foibles of mankind and infrequently sends the results, which he calls "Musings," to a number of friends around the globe, "things which took my fancy for a moment, or gave me some small delight, and therefore seemed worth sharing ... This can be a better world, but only if we fortify within ourselves what we find to be reasonable, decent, ennobling, humane, and funny," he wrote. Too few are those who see Kendall King's "Musings."

The wonder is that he has time to collect his thoughts, much less apply them to paper and mail them to friends. As assistant vice president for grants he also is program director of the Williams-Waterman Program in nutrition and a member of the Cottrell Program Advisory Committee on medical mycology and also a member of the Donald F. Jones Fund Advisory Committee in cytogenetics of major food crops. King is an active member of a dozen or more national institutes, societies, and other professional organizations (among them he is a fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Nutrition Education and the U. S. Committee of the National Research Council to the International Union of Nutrition, Sciences.) But few are the Virginia Tech alumni for whom the University has greater meaning. For on the campus at Blacksburg much of the significance of the professional and private life of Kendall King initially took shape-and it is a fact he does not forget.

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