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Record Group 5 - Office of Academic Affairs

The position of Vice-President for Academic Affairs was created by the reorganization of 1966 when the single post of Vice-President was divided into two positions. The other position created by the split was Vice-President for Administration.

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The University Archives has the records of Leslie Malpass, Vice-President for Academic Affairs from 1966 to 1973, and Alfred Krebs, Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs from 1973-74. These records are described below. Unofficial records in the University Archives pertaining to this office include publications, memoranda, and newspaper clippings.

Other records found in this record group include those of the Registrar and Founder's Day.

Malpass, Leslie

Records, 1961-1977

60 cu. ft. (RG 5/1/2)
This collection consists primarily of correspondence and records from the Office of Academic Affairs at Virginia Tech. The bulk is from Malpass' tenure as Vice-President for Academic Affairs (1968-1974), but there also are materials from Alfred H. Krebs' tenure as director of Summer School and as Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs under Malpass and from Donald C. Darnton's tenure as Director of Special Programs, which also was under the Office of Academic Affairs. There also are materials from Alfred H. Krebs' tenure as acting Vice President for Academic Affairs from August 1974 when Dr. Malpass left until John D. Wilson assumed the post in September 1975.

There are materials dealing with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Architecture, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Education, the College of Home Economics, Graduate School, Extension and Research Divisions, Commission on Undergraduate Studies, Commission on Student Affairs, University Council, the Computing Center, the library, Deans' meetings, proposed degree programs, the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Traffic Committee, admissions, enrollment, Center for Economic Education, Water Resources Center, Learning Resources Center, Committee on Academic Schedule, Black Studies, Summer School and Summer Orientation, and Upward Bound. There also is material on the Study Abroad Committee, Visiting Scholars Program, Task Force for Innovation in Instruction, Telecommunications Council, University Space Research Association, budget, Urban Interdisciplinary Study Council, the Ellis L. Phillips Foundation, space at the university, and Faculty Senate and Handbook and other faculty issues. Records also include correspondence with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. The papers reflect the many changes at Virginia Tech as it became a university (approved by legislature on June 23, 1970) and as the roles of faculty and the participation of students within the university were defined. There also are materials relating to campus disorders and dissent during 1970 to 1971.

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Krebs, Alfred

Records, 1973-75

7 cu. ft. (RG 5/1/2/1)
This collection contains primarily correspondence. There is material related to admissions, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, Board of Visitors, Home Economics, Task Force for Innovation in Instruction, Telecommunications Council, University Space Research Association, budget, Summer School, Upward Bound, Urban Interdisciplinary Study Council, enrollment, and University Council.

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(RG 5/2/2)
The first Registrar was appointed in 1902. Previous to that time, student record-keeping was handled by the Secretary to the President. From 1905-11, there was no Registrar. From 1926-37, the duties were handled by the Assistant to the Dean of the College. The Registrar became a sub-unit of the Office of Admissions when it was established in 1946. For a list of Registrars from 1902-72, see the Historical Data Book, 1872-1972, page 73.

Records, 1899-1921

1.0 cu. ft.
This collection consists of the following ledgers: Matriculation Record (1899-1900, 1900-01), containing students' name, parents, town, state, county, year, age, course of study, church, and "Business" or "Pursuit"; Record of Studies (1899-1905), containing lists of students and the courses they were enrolled in; Miscellaneous Listing of Students (1900-04), containing student's name, town, and state; Pledges (1900-21), containing signatures of students entering the College and pledging to obey all its laws and regulations, not to have unauthorized "deadly weapons," and not to form any connection with any "secret society"; Letter Books (1902-05), containing copies of correspondence of the Registrar; Graduate (1904-11), containing students' names, dates enrolled, courses of study, degrees and dates received; Enrollment by County (1911-12), containing list of students by county of residence, giving names and towns. This last ledger contains some loose items including a list of state appropriations (1910-11) and a few recommendation forms for state appointments and scholarships.

Newspaper Clippings, 1946-present

Mounted clippings on enrollment and registration, 1946-60, are classified under "Menr." Vertical files of clippings, 1960-present, are maintained by record group number.

Founders' Day

(RG 5/6)
The first Founders' Day program was in 1972, the University's Centennial anniversary. The date when the legislation that created VAMC, 19 March 1872, was selected as the University's official birthday. However, March 19 usually falls during Spring Break, so the date of the Founders' Day ceremonies is set arbitrarily. Since its beginning in 1972, the program has grown to include presentation of the Outstanding Senior Awards, the Alumni Awards for Excellence in Research and Extension, the Alumni Distinguished Service Awards, and the William H. Ruffner Medal, with the Founders' Day Address concluding the ceremonies. A luncheon usually precedes the afternoon ceremony as well.

Records, 1973-81

1.0 cu. ft.
Included with this collection are correspondence, invitations, programs, minutes, memoranda, plans, mailing lists, speeches, publicity, announcements, parking arrangements, press releases, and other material related to preparation for Founders' Day. Also included are Founders' Day addresses by the following people: T. Marshall Hahn ("The Challenges of the 1970s," 1973; untitled speech, 1979) Christopher C. Kraft, Jr. ("Space in the 1970s: Investment and Return," 1974); G. Burke Johnston (no title - subject was William H. Ruffner, 1977); Laura Jane Harper ("Against the Odds: Women at VPI," 1980); and William E. Lavery (untitled, 1981).

Associate Provost Patricia Hyer

Papers, 1962-2011

RG 5/1/10A

1.4 cu. ft.
The Associate Provost Patricia Hyer Papers contains materials from her tenure as Associate Provost at Virginia Tech, covering subjects such as diversity, women's issues, and strategic planning at Virginia Tech. Much of the materials contains reports or presentations from the Associate Provost's office. Many of the reports are related to the University's strategic developement, the development of programs and enrollment for women and minorities, and the emergence of Advance VT, a faculty development program. The collection also contains a few professional talks given by Hyer, as well as Hyer's biographical information.

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