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Record Group 11 - Dean of the College

In President Burruss' first year in office, he reorganized the college. Part of the reorganization was the elimination of the deanships of the general faculty, the graduate department, the academic department, and the applied science department. To replace all these deanships, the position of Dean of the College was established. The position was abolished in 1949.

Three individuals held the position of Dean of the College during its existence: Theodore Pryor Campbell (1920-24), John Edward Williams (1924-43), and Clarence Paul Miles (1943-49).

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The University Archives has the records of all three Deans of the College. These records consist primarily of their correspondence concerning matters relative to the position.

Campbell, Theodore Pryor

Records, 1920-24 (1917-19)

2.0 cu. ft. (RG 11/1)
This collection consists primarily of correspondence, including letters to and from the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States, Engineering Enlisted Reserve Corps, faculty, Federal Board of Vocational Education, parents, Presidents Burruss and Eggleston, students, the U.S. War Department, and the Veterans Bureau. Subjects covered in the correspondence include advertising, budget, demerits, disciplinary matters, hazing, heating plant, land purchases, letters of recommendation, Shops Department, statistics, and VPI's Army Training School. Included within some of the folders are correspondence from 1917-19 when Campbell's title was Dean of the Faculty.

Williams, John Edward

Records, 1924-43

5.0 cu. ft. (RG 11/2)
The collection is primarily correspondence, dealing with subjects such as absences, athletics, budget, Civilian Student Union, complaints, Corps of Cadets, curricula changes, diplomas, English requirements, Honor System, influenza epidemic, insurance, job applications (student jobs, faculty positions, and placement of recent graduates), letters of recommendation, loans and scholarships, Mess Hall investigation (1928), rat system, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, student activities and organizations, student publications, transfers, and the Virginia General Assembly. There is also a sizable amount of correspondence between Williams and President Burruss.

The collection also contains annual reports of the Academic-Science Division, 1929-32, which includes separate annual reports for the following departments: Business Administration (1929-31), Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1929-32, 1937-38), English and Foreign Languages (1929-32), Geology (1929-31), Mathematics (1929-31), Military (1931-32), Metallurgy and Metallography (1929-30), Physical Education (1929- 30), Physics (1929-32), Zoology and Animal Pathology (1931-32).

Also included in the collection are lists of statistical information for various years, including enrollment, number of students passing various subjects, civilian students, waiterships, non-Virginia students, transfers, resignations, accredited high schools in Virginia, loan recipients, Catholic students, German Club members, and students eligible for Phi Kappa Phi. The collection also has departmental budget sheets, notices and memoranda concerning the Administrative Council, Executive Bulletins (1923-29), "Report of the President to the Board of Visitors" (16 April 1924), and requisitions and orders.

Miles, Clarence Paul

Records, 1942-50

2.0 cu. ft. (RG 11/3)
This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, and other documents related to the duties of the office. Subjects include: Academic Board (1948-49); Annual Report to State Board of Education (1946-48; Donaldson Brown Scholarship Fund (1943-44); Cincinnati Medal Committee (1945-46); Class Cut System (1947-49); Class Rings (1944- 46); Deferred Examinations (1942-50); Entrance Requirements (1944-45); Financial Aid Committee (1944-46); Foreign Students (1942-49); Freshman Engineering Program; (Proposed) Graduate Program; Ground School and Primary Flight Courses (1944-45); Hazing (1942-43); Inauguration of Walter Newman (April 1949); Loan Fund (applications and correspondence, 1942-46); Memorial Service (for WWII Techmen, 12 May 1946); Navy Program (1943-49); Pepsi Cola Scholarships (1948-49); Powell Chapman Scholarship; Questionaires; Resignations (Students, 1942-49); Scholarship Committee (1943-44, 1948-49); Selective Service (1942-43, 1947-48); Student Activities; Tuition Privileges (1942-43); Veterans Affairs Conference (9 May 1945); and Westinghouse Achievement Scholarships.

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