The past season has been the most successful that the
Co-eds at V. P. I. have ever experienced in basketball,
winning three games out of the five they played. The
Sextettes were second to none in their daring charges and
flashy plays. The basketball season opened with an easy
prize from the Blacksburg High, next came a game with
Radford - but we won't mention such a small matter as that.
They beat us by a small margin and many thought that we
might have beaten if we only had a few minutes more play.
Our laurels were returned to us when we played Concord
Teacher's College, however, but this glow was won by
"the sweat of our brow". We were again overcome with defeat
when the Y W C A rambled up from Roanoke. Wishing to end
the season with glory we scheduled another game with Blacksburg
High carrying the banner of victory away with us for the last

    We have folded our banner and packed it away in moth
balls awaiting the day when a new Co-ed basketball squad goes
dashing down the old V. P. I. Gym floor. So here's to the
future V. P. I. Sextettes may they have a few more substitutes
to fall in line when they say - forward march than their
pioneer sisters did who Blazed The Trail.


R. L. Terrett
M. A. Frith
A. C. Grissom
M. J. Hartwick
K. B. Mays
J. K. Groseclose
C. T. Sibold
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