Stop! Bang! What jolly girls are they? On a
beautiful fall day in September, four girls come
from several directions to V. P. I. This great
gathering was the birth of the female class of '25.
Since that memorable day four years have passed by.
The girls are now enjoying the last few days of
their college career. Therefore it is only natural
that we should look back thru the years spent at
school and review the rainy and the sunny days.
The girls of 1925 have every reason to be proud of
the record they have made.
    Their first year was very trying as it was the
first year that girls were seen in classes at V.P.
I. After "Rat" Terrett showed that she was deter-
mined to stick her would-be tormenters fled. Our
Co-eds soon found themselves and showed the faculty
and the male students that they had a certain
something that was bound to spell "Success". During
this first year the girls were so few in number
that there was little entertainment.
    At the beginning of the second year many new
girls joined the band. The Sophomore girls began
at once to organize and Mary Brumfield, then the
first and only Senior, was elected chairman of the
organization. Billy Kabrash, then a member of the
class, received the degree of MRS at the end of
her second year.
    Not until the fall of 1923 did we notice a little
speck of light skipping about here and there on the
campus, which proved to be no other than Louise
Jacobs. She entered the class of '25, and kept up
the number which was reduced by the loss of Billy.
It was during this year that Ruth stirred up an
enthusiasm for basketball. A team was speedily
organized with Ruth as Captain and Louise Palmer as
manager. Many enjoyable parties were given by
different ones of the girls during this year, the
most notable one being the luncheon given in our
Co-ed room in the Library, to celebrate our victory
in having won the room. A banquet at Green's Hotel
fittingly closed the year.
    This past year is still fresh in the minds of
all of us. We remember the great Librarian who is
Lucy; the great basketball games with Ruth and
Carrie starring, and the wonderful parties held in
honor of the Seniors. And since we all remember, an
my paper is short, I'll stop writing about them.
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