"Give us a student" was
the demand of yore when our
colleges were halls of learn-
ing where naught but classics
were taught.

    "Give us a friend" was
the demand of our fathers when
the halls of learning were
opened to women.

    "Give us a good sport"
is our demand and lo, we have
her in our midst, with a keen
sense of fairplay.

    Her courage is undying;
her perseverence admirable;
her sympathy ever present. We,
who know her best, have known
of the things she has suffered,
of the hardships she has borne
that few of us have to bear.
We know that she has been dis-
couraged but in spite of all
kept on. We know she has had
no audience to spur her onward;
she has never lauded her wares.
"Still waters run deep."

    She has played up and
played the game, seldom re-
ceiving, never asking, but al-
ways giving, giving to others
inspiration, comfort, and
Hattie Elizabeth Wall
Blacksburg, Virginia
Home Economics

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