A Co-Ed's Diary

    September 17, 1926. Well, ole diary, it's been
many a day since last we met - nearly two years. To begin
with, I'm a co-ed at V. P. I. Last year was one worth re-
membering, pretty interesting and pretty hard. You know the
boys don't want us here - lead us a dog's life. But regard-
less of what they think, I think every girl likes to be
treated like a lady and I, having always lived a sheltered
life, expected at least politeness at college. But I was
destined to be disappointed. It didn't take me long to be-
come disillusioned about V. P. I. I s'pose one can hardly
blame the boys for feelling about us as they do. it must be
a nuisance to have co-eds in classes where heretofore they
have told jokes that were not fit for our ears, smoked and
kept their caps on, because some professors allow this when
there are no girls around.

    It was hard for us outside the classroom also,
one thing especially - we had to go back of the barracks
to some of our classes and thus see and hear most every-
thing that nice little girls shouldn't see and hear. 'N'
funny thing, seemed like the boys always needed fresh air
as we came by. Up went the windows and down came the
water as they seemed to be in their chief indoor sport.
Along with the water came squeaky voices yelling and say-
ing silly things to us. We became exceedingly alert and
quick movers, in fact we became so efficient in dodging
water that we decided to extend our athletic ability even
further, and as a consequence of this we had a basketball
team. We had a hard time with this, too, as we couldn't
even get enough girls out to scrimmage, and how can you
have a team like that? Of course we weren't in the Ath-
letic Association, so we couldn't expect support at our
games. A few of the boys did come and always rooted for
the opposing team. Not very sportsmanlike, but maybe some
day it will be different. I wonder?

    To get back to classes - there were heaps of
them. Some of the professors didn't appreciate us any
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