Miss Betty Ann Bullis
Sponsor, Dramatics


    In the year 1849 our forefathers crossed high
mountains and swift rivers, fought wild Indians, and endured
many hardships to blaze trails across the vast western terri-
tory in search of gold. During the year 1929 the co-eds
crossed high mountains of criticism and swift rivers of de-
spair, and fought jeering cadets to blaze a trail in search
of feminine dramatics at V. P. I.

    This small covered wagon train started out on
the first of November with scant equipment but with stout
hearts and experienced scouts, Mr. and Mrs. Bray. They had
gone only a short distance on the trail before a huge moun-
tain which could not be avoided blocked their advance. It
was the Royalty Mountain. This must be crossed and the equip-
ment was insuffiecient because the treasury, like old Mother
Hubbard's cupboard, was bare. There was, however, a guardian
angel watching over this little band. Miss Weld helped them
across by advancing the necessary funds and the Royalty Moun-
tain was left behind.

    For weeks the train traveled along with very
little trouble. The order "Corral, the cadets are attacking!"
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