A Co-Ed's Notes

    Hi there! No, I just can't realize that my senior year at Tech is almost over.
What? Really, I'm not glad at all, for, though I expected to hate being a
co-ed, it hasn't been awful at all and I've had some good times too.
    I can remember matriculation day of my freshman year. Scared! Hon
estly that's one time when I actually felt weak in the knees. First, I went to one
table and they gave me a card with my name and numerous other things on it, then
it seemed to be an endless number of cards that were given to me and then taken away
from me again. I was pushed and shoved and pulled through endless rows of benches
and past numerous professors and instructors.
    Then there were classes! Hordes of strange boys staring at me as though they
thought I was an object out of a museum. Only occasionally was there another girl
in the classes. Such a life! But very soon the strangeness wore off and I felt quite
at home.
    One thing I'll never forget about my freshman year if I live to be a hundred --
going to classes in the old Science Hall, back of the barracks in what is now "L"
and "M" Company barrack. Every night I had nightmares of being "watered" by
some gallant cadets who habitual stuck their heads out of the windows and yelled
"Water on the co-ed." It was a tough life even if I never did get any water thrown
on me. Davidson Hall was a Godsend to the co-eds and I'm not joking when I say
it, for even now I can't forget the feeling of apprehension I used to have while I was
hurrying by those barracks.
    No. As far as I can remember I didn't haze the "rats" at all during my sopho-
more year. I spent most of my time trying to save them from my brother sophomores
who turned out to be rather rough on rats. The only thing I didn't like about that
year was engineering physics and that was really a pain.
    Co-ed parties? Sure, we've had a few and they've really been fun. Mostly ban-
quets at the end of the year or parties for the freshmen at the first of the year.
    You know it's funny, but of all the years I've gone to school here I can remember
less about my junior year than any. It all seems just a vague set of rather unconnected
memories, memories of our first co-ed play, our first serious attempt at an annual,
basketball trips, football games, classes and necessary social events. Isn't it funny the
way you can remember, in sort of hazy, pleasant dream, good times and happy hours
and completely forget those old hard knocks and other things that made life unpleasant
at times?
    Now that I'm a senior -- nearly cast upon the cruel world -- do I feel dignified,
old and sophisticated? No, I can't say that I do. To begin with there hasn't been
time to feel that way this year. There was the co-ed play and dance, our first printed
annual, the basketball team (undefeated this year) and last but not least those classes
which have seemed endless at times. Then, too, we've had to set an example for the
underclassmen. Now please don't laugh. I'm really serious. Yes, of course, I
can be; I'm a senior.
    And now that it's almost over, truly it has been fun as well as work, for the life
of a co-ed at V.P.I. -- well, all I can say is that there is none other like it -- and most
of the cadets say "thank heaven for that" -- but anyhow I still say I'm glad I was a
co-ed. Yes, check 'n' double check!!!

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