"Polly With a Past"


Clay Cullum, an Interior DesignerCharlotte Derring
Harry RichardsonMartha Rice
Polly ShannonLois Kelly
Rex Van ZileBernice McCoy
Mrs. Clementine DavisMerle Chilton
Myrtle DavisHelen Holdaway
stilesella Luck
Mrs. Martha Van Zile, Rex's MotherMargaret Rawlinson
Parker, a MaidMary McBryde
Commodore "Bob" BarkerBessie Nutter
Prentice Van Zile, Rex UncleMary Slusher
A StrangerElizabeth Wallace
     DirectorMrs. W. H. Rasche     
          Stage ManagerMary McBryde          
               Business ManagerClara Carr Chrisman               

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