Sophomore Class


Florence Marion Abernathy   President
Julia Arundel Stahl   Secretary-Treasurer


Florence Marion Abernathy                  Margaret Elizabeth Hawlinson
Roasbel ArcherBertha Eleanor Shelton
Mary Virginia BrockettSara Gertrude Smith
Merle Moncure ChiltonSusie Mae Smith
Charlotte Mae DerringEstelle Clairmont Snider
Mary Alice GranthamJulia Arundel Stahl
Mary Ellen White
October 9. Heard there was a soph'more class meeting last night.
Soph'mores-chesty, cocksure, noisy; step-child of col-
lege life; disliked by freshen, overworked by faculty,
ignored by seniors, patiently endured by juniors. They'll
get over it-just a painful stage in their development.
I can say that now! But, then, I too felt the glory of
achievement on entering the Blessed State.
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