Chemistry Club


Frances Rosamond Alrich                   Annie Laura Shufflebarger
Nancy Pence Groseclose Annie Mae Slusser
Helen Minor Robeson Julia Arundel Stal
November 2. The whole Chemistry Department must have been
making hydrogen sulphide today, Gee, what per-
fumes. By the way, heard a good one on Annie
Shufflebarger. It seems that Annie hurt her hand in
lab, and Professor Addlestone was binding it up.
Being a chemistry professor he had none of Dr.
Woolwine's technique, so Annie proceeded to tell him
how to bandage. When the wound was dressed,
Annie said: "Professor Addlestone, I have taught
you somethin," and Professor Addlestone quickly
replied, "Yes, wish I could do the same to you."
That's all right, Annie, the co-eds are not the dumbest
people in the world. One cadet wanted to know
where wool came from. Page the Aggies. Think I
will go to bed on that one.
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