David Clark Rice     Mrs. W. C. Chrisman
Richmond, VA.     Blacksburg, VA.
Mascot, Editorial Staff     Mascot, Business Staff
The Tin Horn     The Tin Horn

May 9. I've truly worked hard today, but I feel as though I haven't
accomplished much. Dilly and I took a walk this afternoon and
found some lovely wild flowers. As we came back into Blacks-
burg a hilarious bunch of ten-year-olds were playing marbles.
One little ragmuffin earnestly clutched his rabbit foot. I wonder
if his faith helped any. I winder if it's the rabbit foor, or faith.
Perhaps mascots inspire faith in ourselves. But, my dear girl,
philosophy won't do you any good at 6:45 in the morning.
and wee small hours are already here---
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