May 11. Rain all day. Sure did feel sorry for Frances and Miss
Minnis, chasing over to Rhiner in Diana. Got a box from
home and a good book from the Library. Am going to get
in bed and read and eat. Let it rain, let studies go for one
night--I am going to have a good time.

May 13. Why are some days so hectic? Everything went wrong today.
First, I messed up a quiz, then I didn't get my letter, and to
top it all off, have to work on that term I have been putting
off and can't have a date. What's the use?

May 14. Has been a wonderful day. The sun was shining and there
was not a cloud in the sky. Didn't do anything in particular,
but just be glad I was living and it was spring. Still haven't
got a job.

May 16. Classes all day. Tonight co-ed banquet the juniors gave the
seniors. Sure did have a good time. The favors were very
attractive. The idea of the pioneer was well carried out.
The juniors must have worked hard on it. What would we
do without juniors anyway? They certainly are the drones
in the hive. Tonight, as I saw the freshmen, sophomores, and
juniors together, I realized what a vast step there is between
the sophomore year and the junior year. How much more
sensible the junior year makes one. The chesty sophs are
gone and in their places stand the quiet, steady, willing
juniors. It is very hard to say good-bye to them. I wonder
if we were true juniors, and it was hard for the class of '30
to part with us. Hope so!

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