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SGA Resolution: May 11, 1970

[ Document from Box 46, Folder 1695, Hahn Collection ]

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Protest ar War Memorial Chapel

May 11, 1970

Whereas: The escalation of the war into Cambodia by President Nixon is an act of aggression that deeply frightens the American students and is an action in which he consulted neither the elected representatives of the people nor some of his close advisors.

Whereas: The killing at Kent State was the result of student protest of this action and the indiscriminate killing, without warning of students by the National Guard.

Whereas: The administration in Washington has been completely ignoring the dissatisfaction with their supposed efforts for peace.

Whereas: The administration in Washington instead of moving for peace, has escalated this war considerably.

The S.G.A. Senate hereby encourages all students at VPI to express their concern within the following guidelines:

1. All regularly scheduled classes will continue as scheduled.

2. Student Life Policies pertaining to classroom attendance...Professors understand they should not raise or lower grades on the basis of class attendance alone...will be strictly enforced. We hereby ask that University Council aid us in this enforcement.

3. Any student has the right to voluntarily strike on an individual basis. Those students will receive full academic credit for their work, with the various options recommended to the University Council.
A) Taking the grade at present with the pledge that required work will be completed by the Fall 1970.
B) Taking an exam covering the quarters work at a time mutually agreeable to professor and student.
C) Taking credit for the course if the student is passing with a pledge that required work will be completed by Fall 1970.
D) Taking an incomplete and rescheduling the course work with the individual professor. Students must inform professors of their intention to accept an incomplete grade within one week of the University Council's adoption of this policy.
E) no University fees will be refunded to the student as a result of this action.
4. Any student will have the option of resigning from VPI and receive no grades and no credit for hours attempted.

5. These policies are in effect only for the remainder of Spring Quarter 1970.

In light of the concern which presently exists at VPI, this S.G.A. Senate urges action on these policies by the University Council as soon as possible.

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