Henderson-Williams House

The Old Williams House
by Nadine Allen

The old Williams House at 401 East Ronoke St. in Blacksburg is believed to have been built by Jim Henderson about 1870. Dean John E. Williams, a Virginia Tech professor, owned and lived in the house, which was deeded to his grandchildren.

The brick two-sotry structure is typical of the square plan common to Greek Revival architecture in the late 1800's. Very little wood is used inside the house. The walls are brick inside and outside. Rosser Smith, who has owned the house for the past 12 years covered the cracked plastered walls with panelling.

The house has been converted into two apartments. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill operate Hillís Catering Service from this residence.

This house has been recorded by the Virginia Historical Commission, File No. 150-1.

Last Updated: Febraury 2, 1998