Data About the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia

Prepared by the Blacksburg Chamber of Commerce

July 1, 1966

1. Presently, the population within the corporate limits of Blacksburg is estimated to be 9,000. This does not include the densely populated suburbs which hopefully will be annexed within this calendar year; nor does it include the student enrollment at VPI which is estimated to be more than 7,000.

2. The C & P Telephone Co. advises that in 1962, 1963 and 1964 it installed 200 additional telephones annually and that it predicts that it will install 250 telephones annually for the next five years. It has just completed the building of a $2.5 million exchange building giving coverage to Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford and direct long distance dialing across the nation.

3. The Office of the Town Manager advises that in 1962, building permits were issued for 50 new residences and seven commercial establishments; in 1963, 67 new residences and six commercial establishments; in 1964, 72 new residences and nine commercial establishments within nine months.

4. Taxes in Blacksburg are as follows: State and county real estate taxes are $3.75 per $100 assessed valuation based on 20% of actual property value. Add to this $1.00 per $100 assessed valuation for Blacksburg Town taxes, making a total of $4.75 per $100 valuation on property plus 1% Montgomery County sales tax plus 2% state tax as of September 1, 1966, relieving the taxpayer of personal property tax on household goods.

5. According to the VPI Administration, the annual payroll of VPI is more than $12,000,000; the current enrollment exceeds 7,000 students and in 1970, it is anticipated that the student body will number 10,000.

6. There are two new elementary schools and one excellent high school in the town.

7. There are about fifteen churches in Blacksburg, including major denominations, as well as a few minor religious societies.

8. Naturally, most of the people use private cars for transportation, but the Trailways bus lines run through Blacksburg; and eight miles from here, at Christiansburg, Virginia, the Greyhound bus lines and the Norfolk & Western Railway furnish additional means of transportation. Airline service is available in Dublin about 20 miles from Blacksburg and in Roanoke about 40 miles from Blacksburg.

9. Presently, a shopping center is being developed on the southside of Blacksburg, in addition to a very vigorous central business area of retail businesses.

10. There are three good motels, namely: Lake Terrace Motel, Imperial Motor Lodge.

11. Generally speaking, the climate is very delightful in spite of the fact that during the months of December, January and February the temperature varies from zero to 20 degrees at the lowest and the maximum of 90 degrees in summer.

12. The usual rate of rentals runs from $65 to $80 per month for one bedroom apartments, $75 to $100 per month for two bedroom apartments or house, and $125 to $150 per month for three bedroom houses.

13. Here one will find all sorts of cultural opportunities, including a concert series, a very heavy athletic program at Virginia Tech and more free addresses than one can attend provided by the University under a grant of $300,000 to be spent in 10 years.

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