Blacksburg is Booming: Has Citizenry 1110

To a new comer it would seem as though Prosperity had chosen the summer of 1924 to wave her wand over Blacksburg. This statement is readily confirmed if one would notice the number of improvements which have been, and which are being made, a few of which we shall endeavor to describe in the following paragraphs.

The survey for the purpose of extending the town limits has been made and action from the council is all that prevents an official announcement of the extension of the limits. The annexed territory will increase the present population of one thousand to about two thousand. This territory will give the town many additional advantages which usually accompany the annexation of valuable territory.

A section of the land known as the Crumpacker addition has been provided with sewerage service. Approximately thirteen hundred feet of six-inch pipe have been laid. Other additions to the sewerage system were made to serve residences located in the territory of The Southside Land Company.

Several houses have been completed and others are being built in and around Blacksburg; some of which are for persons connected with VPI. This fact seems to uphold the claim of Blacksburg people that Blacksburg is a good place to live.

A new store on the corner of Main street and Roanoke avenue is being built and will be occupied by Brown Brothers. It is expected that the store will be ready for occupancy on or about October 15. The structure is a handsome two-story brick building with steam heat and many modern conveniences. About seven thousand square feet of floor space will be available for use.

Another structure of equal importance is the new garage across the N & W Railroad tracks, which will be the new home of The Blacksburg Motor Co. This garage has a floor space of nearly eleven thousand square feet, three fourths of which is concrete. A portion of this space will be used for storage and shop. This building will be heated entirely by steam. A very unique feature, as well as a very serviceable one to tourists, is a ladies' rest room, which will comprise a portion of the building. It may safely be said that this building contains all of the valuable features of a modern garage.

Last but not least is an improvement which should prove of interest to students as well as to town people. This improvement is in the form of a drinking fountain which has been installed in front of the garage near the corner of Main street and Roanoke avenue. No doubt this fountain will quench the thirst of many cadets who go to the station on an evening as well as those who pass through that section of the town returning from Sunday afternoon hikes.

(In Virginia Tech, v. 22, no. 3, October 16, 1924, p.3)

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