Blacksburg - Geology
Region around Blacksburg under sea (Professor) Holden states. VT32,12.
Blacksburg - History
Clippings file.

Water supply. Stand pipe erected, in 1908, to supply town with water from college spring. Board of Visitors granted permission.

Water and sewerage supply system installed, April 1912.

Agreement made, August 18, 1911, between college and town, whereby the town agreed to supply the latter water at a rate of 7[cents], per 1000 gallons.

Rate raised in 1920 to 15 cents per gallon.

Historical Blacksburg. VT23,11.

Blacksburg town water system put in operation on September 1, 1932.

Financed by bond issue.

Extended limits to annex new city addition (to the south). Adds 200 acres and 800 inhabitants town. October, 1934.

Town places street signs (April, 1935).

Blacksburg installs lights on main street (May, 1935).

Town council sells bond issues for improvements (April, 1935)

Blacksburg - Christiansburg Road
$20,000 appropriated by Montgomery county board of supervisors (1903) for the construction of a macadamized road between Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

$100,000 allocated for road (January, 1929) by State highway commission.

$105,000 allocated, by US Bureau of public road (September, 1934) to improve road (re-routing portions of it)..246 miles north of Main Street, Christiansburg to 5.256 miles south of Blacksburg. Completed in 1935.

Blacksburg - Coal Bank Hollow Road
Macadamized road built in spring and summer 1916.

Hard-surfaced road completed, July, 1933. Old road widened and straightened.

Blacksburg High School
Plans prepared and site secured, in summer of 1914, for erection of a new high school building. Bond issue of $10,000.00 voted for new purpose.

Cornerstone of new high school building laid, June 10, 1916.

Work begun on new high school (September, 1934). Financed by Public Works Administration and town. Completed, August, 1935.

Blacksburg High School - History
Growth of school, from a private academy to a free (state-supported) county school. Then to a three-year high school (1904), and a four year high school in 1913.
Blacksburg Inn.
Fire. January 20, 1927. Vt 24,15.
History. Vt24,15.
Blacksburg Post Office.
Lot purchased for new post office, February, 1933, from Dr. G.H. Henderson, for $12,000.00.

Construction begun (by Bristol firm), August, 1935. Completed, March, 1936.

Blacksburg Sewerage and Water System.
Completed, April 16, 1912

New water system (owned by town) put into operation, September, 1932.

Ralph M. Brown's extracts from the V. P. I. Historical Index, 1872-1938

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