Blacksburg Bicentennial

Other Documents, Old and New

The Mayors of Blacksburg
List of the Mayors who have served the Town of Blacksburg from 1871 to the present
The Antiquities of Blacksburg
Article from the Virginia Tech Engineer by Howard Shaeffer Avery, V. P. I. class of 1928
Blacksburg History
Ralph M. Brown's extracts from the V. P. I. Historical Index, 1872-1938
A History of Blacksburg (1939)
A history by Mrs. S. A. Wingard ranging from the pioneer days to the first Western Union office in 1916
A Social Study of the Blacksburg Community
Excerpts from the 1935 article by William Edward Garnett, rural sociologist
Facts about the Blacksburg Community (1946)
A compilation of various facts and bits of information about the town by Leland B. Tate
A Brief History of the Blacksburg Area (1953)
A recollection of the town and its history by R.D. Michael
Church Trends, Conditions, and Related Questions (1953?)
A pamphlet produced by the Blacksburg Ministerial Association, describing the churches in Blacksburg from 1934-1953
Miscellaneous Information Showing Growth and Increases in the Town of Blacksburg
Water usage, retail sales, real estate assessments, and town budgets from 1961-1966
Data About the Town of Blacksburg(1966)
Informaton about the town, in 1966, prepared by the Chamber of Commerce
In and Out of Context: Blacksburg's "Roots"
J. M. Robertson's article from the winter 1977 Context
Blacksburg, Virginia
Blacksburg history from 1748 to 1900 by D. McCombs in 1981
The Laying Out of Blacksburg
A description of the original laying out of the town, by Daniel Pezzoni, March 1984

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