Cannon Won by Techmen to Go to Scrap Drive

Virginia Tech, VPI, Blacksburg, Virginia
October 22, 1942

On a bright day in April 1893, the VPI cadets, numbering only 177 men at the time, journeyed to the old Naval Rendezvous in Norfolk. The Cadet Corps at that time was divided into three companies and the band. On this April day, Cadet Captain Finch led his picked Company D in a competitive drill against two other units. The VMI corps was scheduled to compete at the same time, but it failed to put in an appearance. Company D was triumphant, and the VPI cadets received a prize of $250. Authorized by a vote of cadets, Colonel Harmon, commandant of cadets at the time, purchased two three-inch rifles with the money. The following year an artillery battery was organized which used the guns. These two guns were the cannons which have stood guard for so many years in front of Barracks Number One.

Last Stand Tomorrow

When the Corps passes in review at the parade tomorrow, it will see these cannons for the last time. One will stand on each side of the reviewing stand. They will mark the beginning of Virginia Tech's scrap drive. They will once more serve their country through the medium of scrap. Perhaps they might even aid some Techmen who knew them in more peaceful days.

Since the theme of the Junior Ring Dance is Victory and all out for the war effort, it is fitting that the cannons be donated on the event of the tenth annual Ring Dance.

These guns are to be only a starter for what is hoped to be one of the most successful campaigns launched at Tech in many years. By themselves, the cannons can do little good, but if they are at the bottom of a huge pile of scrap, we can feel that they have served a very worthy cause. We all hope that Techmen will do their part in seeing that our beloved cannons are not the only representatives of VPI in the scrap drive.

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Last updated November 13, 1997