Montgomery News Messenger
February 3, 1955

VPI Visitors OK Entry of Christiansburg
Into Proposed Joint Water Authority

Approval to amending the charter of the Blacksburg-Virginia Tech Water Authority to include Christiansburg was voted by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors after a public hearing Tuesday afternoon in Blacksburg.

The town of Blacksburg will hold its public hearing at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 8, at the town hall. If it also approves, then Christiansburg will set the time for its public hearing.

Present plans call for admitting Christiansburg to the water authority on the same basis as Blacksburg and the college. The new water authority is to be composed of six men, instead of five as was originally established in the charter granted early last fall by the State Corporation Commission.

Each member agency will name two members to the new water authority. The task of that agency is to bring water from New River to the two communities and the college.

The authority will build filtration plant and lay pipes to bring water from New River. The two communities and the college will buy all of their water from the authority. They will handle their local distribution as they do at present.

Consulting engineers now estimate the cost of the project at $1,618,000.

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