1898 a Sheat for Most any thing

January 8 Ela got a ham 11 lbs

January 21 Ela got a ham 11 lbs

february 5 Ela got a ham of Ledgerwood 13 lbs

march 19 Ela got of Mrs Ledgerwood 14 lbs of Shoulder an 2 lbs of coffee

April 9 Ela got Mytle Snidow to go Shopping for her She went two keffers (Store) Sent beef went to hardware Store got a galonhalf tin bucket 20 cts She went up to Harveys Stor got 5 lbs of Sugar 25cts come back to Black Store got a pair of Striped hoes for Ela 25 cts a pair

May 13 Mrs George Argabrite was to see us

Saturday May 14 at 12 oclock Clarence Snidow began to Stay in kipes Store

Sundy May 15th Rev Davidson took a little Girl in the Church and Baptized her too her name was lee Rev Edwards Emersed little Willie Argabright in the Pool, and Bessie Price Billie Prices daughter

Friday may 20 this Evening between 7 and 8 oclock the Blacksburg band men left for Richmond to Play the Virginia boys in the War Edd kinzer and Bob k, came told us goodby and So did Willie Lankaster and Willie Price went I cant tell all the names ther was 24 Every body come along main Street too See them go along 3 hacks full the Preachers had Serveses for the men at the Luthren Church this Evening before they left and Rev Davidson Read 14 verses of the 25 Psalm

May 24 Mary Wall Sent Ela a midling of bacon 27 lbs 10 cts Per lb

June 10 Mr Pat Harvey come home from the armey Willie Price Profesed Religion since in the armey

July 4 Ela got ham of miss Sue Wall 17 lbs

Thursday July 7th Mr Pat Harvey left this morning two go back to the armey his wife went two the depot with him

July 26 Ela went to Mrs Shibes an Sewed all day

July 27 Minnie Cook Gray was Sick Edgar came for Florence to get his dinner

August first night Ela and Ida (Oliver) went two See Minnie Gray She is Sick

August 4th Ela and Ida Oliver went two Mrs Shibes an Sewed all day

August 5th Ela Sewed a half day for Mrs Shibes to day

August 12 Willie Price come home on a furlow

August 29 Willie Price left for to go back to his company

September 24 the boys all come on 30 days furlow

October 27th Ela got Some Pork Ribs at keffers

november 30th got 2 1/4 lbs of Sasage of Prisla Grissom

december 6th got 9 lbs of salt 5 lbs crock lard of Prisla Grissom

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.