Selections from the Diaries of
Roseanna Croy Dawson

Blacksburg in 1898

A Sheat for Axidents an Courious Things Axidents

february 4 We heard that Luen kinzer got heart (hurt) Skating on the ice

Saturday february 5 at 3 oclock in Evening there was a Earthquake in B (lacksburg) Shuck up things here

february 17 late in Eve Rev Edwardes horse Ran a nail in its foot about 2 inches

Sundy february 27 late in Evening the house that Mr Davie Jones lived in there is 3 family in it now, and they let it get a fire the men got it out before it done much harme

wednesdy March 24 Willie Ellots drug Store caught fire from a lamp Exploding at 10 minutes of 12 oclock two night, they Put the fire out before the Roof caught

mondy April 18 old Mrs Wickum broke her leg bone just below her knee

first of May Walter Grays cow got her horn Pulled off a week or so ago

Sundy May 18 Mr Luet Shafer Steped over the Stileblocks with a Scuttle of coal this morning and fell broke three of his Ribs near his backbone DR Ribble is with him later in the day Crocket Croumers 4 year old little Girle fell in the branch on her back and was ded before they found her they live below Lusters Schoolhouse

about the 30th of May there was thunder and lightening at Vickers Switch Waller kinzer was Struck with lightening, he went to Shut the door and it Streamed over his Shoulder melted the buckle that fasend Some of his clothes and that buckle Saved his life

wednesd June 29 this is a courious thing Samul Grisom was home doing Somthing at the Shop the Girls neglect or for- got to tell him dinner was ready he come in and fell on Prisla (Pricilla) an Margie took her Part and he fell on Margie and whiped her, he had a wife they live in Salom

at Roanoke City July first in and about 2 oclock at night the large building caled hotell Roanoke caught on fire from the bakery in the basement they Saved a little

Friday July first day Marthay Jonson let a Smoth iron fall on her foot and mashed it

July 23 Mr Walter keffer Secon Son about 2 years old fell off the up Stairs Porch down on the brick Pavement on his face it was the house DR Conway lived in

august 11th Mr Wesley Argabrite Was up in a Pear Tree Picking Pares had a basket full Went to come down Put his foot on a limb that broke he come to the ground and is very bad hurt

august 18 Ward Scanllin was throwen from a horse late this Evening and broke his leg

August 29 Ella took the 2 fresh air girles (girls from Baltimore brought to Blacksburg to enjoy the fresh mountain air) and went to See Mr Argabrite and he is getting better from his fall out of the Pare treee he fell 20 feete

august 31th Mrs Rutledge at the barn at Mr Tuckers fill- ing her bed tick with Straw She was going to housekeeping and made a Miss Step and broke her arm between her hand an Elbow

September 3th they brought Mrs Routlige two her Sisters Mrs Perdews old Mr John Browen horse Ran off with him and broke 3 of his Ribes he lives down on Roanoke Creek

September 14 Willie Scandlons boy about 10 years was on a big horse coming up this way thrugh him didnít hurt him

September 17 Poor little karl Snidow mashed his Thumb

Thursday november 17 Elett Wickum fell off the Top of a load of hay and broke his nose didnít know anything for a while

november 18th Mr James Hanes Son was working on a bridge Somewhere and it broke a log fell across him an cut him in two killed him

October 12 David Deyerley died in the eighty fifth year of his age from injuries inflicted by a vicious bull, he was the man that built the brick methodist church here in Blacks- burg in the year of 1847

november 29 Mr Billie Hall got his leg broke dont know how

december 1th Jake Price his left hand hurt by working with a gun he carries it in a sling

december 9th the house that was in the lower Part of Mrs Painters yard caught fire about 3 oclock This morning there was a nigro man and his wife living in it it began to burn in the roof first old Mr Spickard built it in his life time for a Sadler Shop and made a many Sadle in it

December 13th Mr Means Lincous the Son of Michel the deciest (deceased) was kicked in the Stomich by a horse he keeps livery Stabble for John Eakin an Sluser

December 24 Rev Thomas the Pispapalion Preacher hitch for a drive before he got in the buggy the horse Ranaway and broke the buggie to Peices