1898 a Sheat for Births

January 1th Mrs Lulie Carper had a girl baby

January 18 young George Barkmans wife had a baby boy at Washington

Monday March 21 old George Washingtons wife had a baby girl at 3 oclock this evening

Friday March 25 Mrs Sallie Sites, old Mrs Pouckets daughter had her first baby and it is a girle, it come duren the conferance So Rev Sites didnt get two See hiteon (Hinton, W.Va.)

March 28 Annie Martin Pedigo had a Girl baby

April 22th Mrs Helem had a baby Girl at 8 oclock after night

May 6th Bessie Gray had her baby Girl this morning a few minutes of 7 oclock it was a dead bornd and they buried it this evening at 4 oclo.

friday June 3th Mrs Frank Harvey had a baby boy

June Sometime Mrs Fleete had a nother baby

June 20 Mrs. Wain Grissom had a baby Girl

friday June 21 Mrs Rahrste (Rasche) had her first baby boy

July 6th Mrs Bula Mathews had a baby boy his name Willie Monroe Mrs Walker daughter had a baby boy

June 9th Mrs Ema Huffard had her first baby boy, She was married one year too the day June 9, 1897

August first morning Mrs Purdew had a baby boy

August 3th Myrte Slusser had a baby boy her first one

October 11 Mrs John Cromer had a baby boy

October 12 Mrs Rutledge had a baby Boy a 10 Pounder

October 15 Mrs Smithe had her baby boy

October 24 Mrs George Sluser had a baby girle