a Sheate about the burning an building of the Alx Blacks

house in 1897 and 1898

July 1897 Sicond morning about 4 oclock Mr Alx Blacks house caught fire no one knows how, for there wasent any body in the house for he and his Wife was gone to Some Springs for his health oh what a Sight it was to See the flames lickingup towards the Sky the last Part of July and august they were men and boys hunting and cleaning off the Ground two build another house

September, fourth day Mr. Frank Gray layed the corner Stone at 9 oclock in the morning for the new house with Charley Clemones help and he Said he would make a Speech but Mr Black must come first they sent for him he come and didnt have a Pennie along they all Put a Pennie in the corner Rock an Alx borrowed one of Clemons he got up to make his Speech I hope you will have a long time to live in your new house an have good luck an all Joy first a Girle then a Boy

October 6th, the builders layed the first wood, on the Rock Foundation, november 5th day the Builders have the house Ready for the Roof, the middle of the Roof from the big chimeny down the Side next to Snidows, the Slat (slate) Put on in the down Singe (Sign)

February 22 (1898) Shrove tuesdy Mr Alx Black and Wife Slept in there new House for the first time, it wasent all finnished inside

March 5th day Mr an Mrs Black ate there first dinner in there new house her two brothers and her Sister Mrs Hoge ate with them,

Friday, March 11, 1898 at 8 oclock to night Edgar an Wesley Grays finished up the last bit of Mr Alx Blacks new house

August 24th Mr Alex Black left on a visit near the Place they went lst year when there house burned down

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.