1898 a Sheat for butter

December 1897 Ela got 8 lbs butter from Maggie Snidow

Saturday 1th January Ela got 2 lbs of butter from Maggie

January 7 got 2 1/2 lbs of Maggie

January 13 got 2 lbs

January 26 got a lb quarter

february 2 1/3 lb

february 4 got a lb at Blacks (Store) 20cts

february 12 got lb at Blacks

february 17 got lb quarter at Blacks 25cts

february 23 got lb quarter at Blacks 25cts

march 7 got 2 lbs at kips (Store) 40cts cash

march 14 got lb 1/3 quarters at kips cash

march 23 Mary k (inzer) bought 1/2 lbs

April 8 Ela got 2 1/3 lbs at Blacks

april 19 Ela got 2 lbs at kipes Paid cash

april 29 Ela got 3 lbs at Blacks 60cts

may 12 got 2 lbs

may 20 got one lb at Black
Mary sent Ela 2 lbs 33cts

may 28 Mary Wall sent Ela lb 1 1/2

may 31 Mrs. Stanger Sent 2 lbs
Prisla Grisom Sent one for the cutting

Mond 6th June Minnie keister brought a Print

June 13 Mrs Stanger Sent 2 1/2 lbs

June 25 got 2 lbs of Miss Lucie Robbeson

July 2 Lucie Robbeson brought roll

July 23 Lucie Robbeson Sent 2 lbs

July 29 Lucie Ro Sent 4 lbs
2 lbs of it for florence Gray

August 6 Lucie Ro sent 4 lbs
2 lbs for Florence Gray an
2 for Ela

August 11 Lue Wall brought Ela 3 lbs

August 13 Lucie Ro brought 4 lbs
2 for Florence Gray
an 2 for Ela

August 16 Lucie Rob Sent 4 lbs
2 for Ella and
2 for Florence Gray

August 31 got 2 lbs at Blacks

September 9 Lucie Robberson Sent 2 lbs

September 17 Lucie Robbison brought 2 lbs

September 23 Lucie Robbison brought 2 lbs and
2 galons of good Sorgom molassas

September 29 Ela got 3 galon of Sorgum of Lucie Robbeson
one gal Lena Croy got

October 8th got one lb at Blacks

October 25th a butter account with Mrs John Price at 20 cents Per lb
and he brought a load of Split kindling one dollar

Tuesday October 25 got the first 2 lbs

Paid November 3th got 3 1/4 lbs of Mr Price
Ela gave him a dollar cash on the butter

November 16th got 2 lbs of Mr Price

November 26th got 3 lbs of Mr Price
Ela gave him one dollar $1.00 cash

November 30th got 2 lbs Sasage of Lucie Robberson

December 10th Mr Price brought 4 lbs

December 10th Miss Lucy R brought 2 lbs Sasage

december 10th Janie Camper got 2 galon of Sorgam
Miss Lucy R and Ela Pays for it

december 23th Mr Price brought 2 1/2 lbs an 12 eggs
Ella gave him two dollars cash

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.