Diaries of Roseanna Croy Dawson Blacksburg in 1898

1898 a Sheate for what the Children give in this year

January 17 Lissa kinzer Sent me 2 Skanes of lambs woll yarn it so nice She got Mrs Smith to card by hand on cotton cards an Spin on a hand turnin wheel an twist

February 5 I got my calfskin Shoes Willie T D(awson) made for me finnished them the day he was 55 years old, ground hog day was his birth day 1843 borned

March 2 Lizzie kinzer gave me 3 yards nice bleached cotton for a birth gift

March 3 Ela gave me a Pare of Silk gloves Black are two little

Satrdy august 6 Sarah (Barkman) gave me a nice quilted under Scirt She made it herself and a nice teapot Mary Pepper Sent me Some candy an grapes

august 10 the Present come this Evening that Mr. George Barkman Sent two me We all gessed what it ws but didnt hit it it was a nice iron bed Sted with Springs and a big hug and kiss to me from Sarah (Barkman) and $6.00

August 18 Sarah (Barkman) gave me 25 cts Silver and a Diary book for a nother year and gave Charley Gray 30 cnts for Putting tempels in my Spectils

October 29 I got a box with two Paires of wollen Red drawers from Sarah Barkman and they are S nice they caust two dollars

november 3 Tilda (Gray) brought up the overcoat an a warme Jacket for me and the candy and other things Sarah (Barkman) and Mary (Pepper) Sent

December 17th the Cristmas box come from Philadelphia Wesley (Dawson) an family Sent the things they Sent me 13 yards apron check 11 yards black calico for a dress a Paire artick over half boots 2 an half yards towling goods Seazening tea coco for cakes box candy Silver knife fork Spoon Chiney cup and Sauser to Myrtle Snidow a bottle liquid Electricity and a lot things to Ella Bessie Gra(y) gave me a hanchercheif a nice one for a Christmas gift Dora Gra(y) gave me a hdnkerchief for a Christmas a nice one a black Border Sarah Barkman gave me 30 cts Silver for a gift.

Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898, compiled by D. Pack, 1978, p. 76-77.