1898 a Sheat for Church things

Janary 3 Charley Mcdonal brought 25 bushel coal two the church

Januar 7 Mr Bob Price brought 26 bushel coal to the church $2.60 cash

Wednesdy 26 heard what the League made at there Picture Galery and Supper of oyesters cake and cream they Took in that much $29.82 cents

March 4 Rev Fishburns Lecture to night was for to help on the building of the new Part to our old Parsage they cleared $13.87 cts

March 21th Rev Davidson left for Conferance in Hinton West Virginia the Stureds an members Payed him up Every dollar he went a clean Sheat

may 1th Sunday the new Luthren church at Vickers Switch was Dedicated Dr. Fox a Luthren Preached, and Rev Groseclose, they two conducted the Serveses

may 13th night Georgis La(nkaster) and Mrs Davidson made at there Entertainment $33.00

wednesd may 18 I went two the Parsnage to mite and I was all the mite I gave to Mrs Apperson 20cts

Friday may 27th the Ladys had a cream cake an Strawberie Supper at Eakins (Hotel) and finished up 28th in Georgies (Lankaster) vard in afternoon they made about 18 dollars

december 27th the Methodist Sundy School Christmas doing to night the church was decerated larel leaves on all over the Pulpit an alter fasened to the galery 3 large white bells long in front with Electricks in the make a light globes all the leaves Some was Red an some blue Lesla Lankaster worked them he would make Red an blue lites the dark the Silver Star on the wall back of the Pulpit was a clear glass globe that light made the Star look like the Sun it was nice Nellie (Keister) and her man walked in to the alter and was married an went out, then after a while the children Sang and made there Speaches they done well then the old Cristcrinkle come in the End window with long gray berd and gave out the Presents an candys

Note: from Roseanna Croy Dawson, Blacksburg in 1898. Copied by D. Pack 1978.