1898 a Sheat for Deathes

January 14 that Mrs Price that went crazey at the Forks in the fawul of 1897 they had to take her two the asilam She died there 14th

march 5 old Mrs Bradford died at Radford, Mrs Harrille and wife went two the fuirnal today

march 7th up at Radford

march 10 the baby that was born without any Eyes died to day

march 16 a Student that was here at the College his name was Perrey he died his home is at Clarksville

march 20 Mrs Gitts Sister Mandy Git died at her home in Hinton, West Virginia

April 6th George Washenton wife father died, buried 7th down on Roanoke Valley

april 12 Mr Walter Hardwick died at 3 oclock this Evening at his home

april 13 his funeral was Preached at 3 oclock by Rev groseclose, his Text St John fifth Chapt 28 and 29th verses he was buryed near his home at Mountaber Church

Saturday april 16 Walter Gray took the beautiful white frame his Father made two go around the grave of his darling baby boy, that died 30 of July 1897 buried the 31

april 24 old Peter Wade Son got killed or died at the depot buried on Sarudrday here in the nigar graveyard Rev Davidson had to tend the funeral serveses

may 5th Mr Amoss Sheif Brotherinlaw died in Roanoke City may 30 Mrs Virginia Means the Daughter of cor (colonel) Bob Preston died at her home at Birminghame Alabama, took newmonia May 28th they brought her two the Prestons old home to bury her by her Husband She was taken two the Me(thodist) Church they sang a few verses of the hymn howfirm a foundation, the last hymn a Sleep in Jesus, big croud of old friends

June 2th She buried at the Semetery Where all the Prestons are buried, the old Grandfather and Grandmother was layed years ago

Tuesday June 7th Miss Nannie Thompson died two night at 10 oclock, it looked Sad the 8th to see her buried at 5 oclock and not a relative to look at her the neaightbours Put her away nicely (at the top of this page is written "Miss Nnie Thompsons Mother died December 5th on Wednesday in morning in the year 1883")

Monday June 6th Mr Parris Shell died at his home at Newriver he was the Father of Mrs Joe Henderson he was buryed Tuesday 7th he was a old man

Sunday June 12 Mr Michel Lincous died at his home in Blacksburg

Monday June 13th Mrs Frank Harvey ided at 9 oclock

June 20 Mr John Croy died to night at 11 oclock at his Fathers his age 71 July this year

July first day cornel Ronald died at his home in Roanoke City

July Second day Mr. John Croy was buired here in the Blackswood Cemetery Rev Davidson Preached his furnel in me (Methodist) church

July 3th Sunday Minnie Beamer died 10 minutes of 12 oclock at her mothers in Washington DC She was 20 years and 8 months one day old when She died

Wedned July 6 Rev Hollady got a call two Rockymount his Wife is there, and that Their baby died this morning, it was 6 months an 7 days old it was a boy

July 8 Mr Frank Harveys baby died at Mrs Suttens here today it was buryed by its mother

July 25th our little old clock died 5 minutes before 12 oclock last night Ela got up to See what time it was and it was dead it wouldn't wind up it was in and about the first of the little clocks that was made Sarah (Barkman) got I of Mr Pugh about 20 years ago

Sunday July 31 Rev Burnet buryed, there baby was buried at Banes (Bangs) depot

August 3th Just at dark Sue Batyes baby died it was most a year old

September 9 this Evening at 5 oclock Mr Nick Stnager died

September 10 he was buryed inther Family grave yard Rev Groseclose Preached furnel at his home

September 23 Mr Hue Hones died Mrs Pollards brother

october 1th Mrs Lute Shaffer died this morning at 2 oclock

October 10th the Lester children took old Mr Lester that was Shot and buried out at Mr Halls they took him too take him two Floyd to where his Family lives

october 12th Mrs Wain Grisoms baby died to night

october 13th it was buryed this Evening at 3 oclock Rev Groseclose tended the Exersizes it was buryed here in Blackswood Cemetery

october 18th Mrs Pat Snidow died Suddenely about one oclock

october we heard the Preacher Davis was ded he Professed Religion when a young man here in our ME (Methodist) Church I Supose it has been about fifty years ago

october 30th this mornign fifteen minutes ago of Six oclock Rev GT Gray was taken from Earth to heaven, he lived on Lutheran hill a cousin of Laura Gray

october 31th Mr Williams was taken two Giles county his birth Place to bee buried in there own family Graveyard

october 31th Rev GT Gray was taken to the college chapel and Rev Groseclose held Servesses there over him by the Sayso of Presdient Mcbride the band marched in front then acompany of Student Preachers next the Corps next the Palbaris, then Smalle company of Masons, after Serveses at the college they all marched to the Blackswood cemtery to lay his body by the Side of his Father and Mother the Students let him down in the grave and Shot ther guns off over the grave he was the Chapplin at the college before he got down with that fatle deases

november 2th between 4 an 5 oclock this Evening there was a hack Past by here with two coffins of a little boy in one a Girl in one there Parintes name was Shealer they Put the two corpes in one Grave

december first night Mr Nick Gray died 10 minutes before 11 oclock he was Just Sick 9 days Walter Gray DR Black an myself Set and watched him till the last breath left him he didn't die hard he Just Slept away

december 2 he was buried on the birth day of his daughter Mollie

December 5th DR A S Andrews of the Alabama Conference died at his home at Union Springs his death was sudden being caused by apoplexy

December the week before Christmas Mrs Effingers Brotherin law died at his home in Salem, Va his name is Parish She couldn't go to his furnel She lives with Son John Ever Since his wife died too take care of his little children