Deaths 1893

13th January a black child was buired lived in Camper house

Jan 21th Aron Watson died at Danville Va colard old man

Jan 28 hugh day died at ronoak

feb 3 Mr John Sessler died at his home near Fincastle a Friend

feb 9th Mr Floyed Mcdonal died at 2 oclock at his home on Thoms creek

feb 19th old Mrs Mathose died at her home

feb 27 Landonia Jones is buried at the kips gravyard at matmors

mar 12 a nother black child died in the camper house anderson theire names are

mar 14 mollie Mayse colard woman buired and the child that died 12th buried

mar 15 George Washeingtons wife died this eve

mar 24 Rose vone(Vaughan) buried this eve

April 17 Mabel Lybrook died at 6 oclock this eve

18 was buried this eve rev Dolly attended the Serveses

may 19th old febies Son was buried this eve

may 27 a black man Ronald was buried this eve

June 8 Anna Beal was Buired at the Preston Graveyard by her Brother

Wens July 5th Mollie Gray died this morning 10 minutes of 8 oclock was buted 6th at 11 oclock rev Dolly Preached the furnel his text was St John 12 chapt 24 verce a good Sermon there was a large Proshion

July 15 old Mrs Perey died on her 83th year was bureyed 16 in there graveyard Serveses at their house held by rev Hall

July 21th Mr. Joe Lincous died at his home at bangs depot

July 24 Prof Fitse left his home here to go to the Worl's fair the train was Rect byond Bluefield an he was killed they brought him home last night the 25th this morning 26th at 7 oclock the Episcopal Bell rang for his furnal rev Hall held Serves they took his remains to Petersburg to Bury

July 27 Jhon camper Andys Son died a few weeks ago the cars run over him broke his back he lived at the big tunnel was buried at Wesley Chaple

July 28 Pro Shibes baby died 29th buried earley this morn

July 29 George Washington youngst boy found ded in the bed

august there was a mr Price taught free School in the acadimy here shot hisself a few days ago

Augst 9 there was a colard woman buried to day

Augst 25 Lulie Carpers baby was buried in the town graveyard rev Burnet Preached the furnel in Baptist Church Ela went

Sept 3 there was a colord man buired this eving

Sept 21th there was a nigro child buried this eving

Oct 7 Tom Jefferson died this morn at 4 oclock black man

Oct 11 old Rev Hedrich died at newport theres where he Preached a good Preacher he Saved a many a Soul

Jocie Gray died Oct 13 at one oclock at her home in Roanoke City was buried Oct 15 in the town graveyard BlackSburg Rev Dolly Preached her furneral at 2 oclock in Baptist church

Oct 18 Professer Christian died this morning, at 4 oclock he was taken to the M E church an Rev Dolly Preached his Furneal to a crowed house all couldnt get in 2 hundred an fifty Studnts the 19th they took him to his home to bury him they Studnts marched through town after him

Oct 26 Rev Hadaway died at his home in Washing D C

Nov old Mrs Fitts died Sudnly

Nov Rev Wilhelm is ded

Nov Rev William R Whit his wife a Sister of Mary Black died at his home

January Will Washington began to cary water for me the Pump is out of fix and it is Such a cold day cant get out the wind is awful high Will caried water 7 days got water at the Pump that is all he brought me there well went 12 days caried water

March 14th Ela gave Will Washington 25cts for caren water in January

March 14th moving day on main Street Walter keiffer went in Joe Lincous Store, Eakins went in Elax Blacks house by the Store Will Those went in the Amis hotell, Mar 18th Amis Sheif Moved in the Davie Jones house, a Mr. Childres moved in the Amise house,

March 20th Mrs Sarsh Gray dug a Pokeroot an dranke the tea of it for bird dock an Poisend herselfe if She hadnt threw it up the Dr. Said it would Perhaps kiled her

Mar24 kent Price cut wood Ela Payed him 50 cts cash

April first day Willie k an Clarence Planted the 2 little apple trees that Jimie S gave me they came from Richmond nursery

Sallie Johnsten baked 4 cakes for Ela last year

Mary Chaptman has baked 7 cakes last year an this year

Oct 17th I gave Mollie Camper a white Rose bush a double Rose

Nov 4 Ela got herselfe a Paire of drawers cotten 60 cts

Nov 11 Ela got nother Pair drawers got them of Magie 60cts

Dece 22th Mr William Bell got his leg broke

Sept 20th there was a nigro man hung at Roanoke Sity for killing a white woman an they burnt him

Note: The Year of 1893 in the LIfe of Rosanna Croy Dawson of Blacksburg, Virginia. Compiled by D. P. Pack, Blacksburg, Va. April 1980, pp.48-50.