a Sheat for flour and cornmeal for this year

mondy, April 18 Ela got a barrel of flour from the new Roler mill
Wesley Grays Wife Sent it two her

Wednes, april 20 I baked the first bread from the barrle of flour
Ela got from the Roller Mill

June 9 I Emptied flour out the barrel and
Set it for a Rainbarrel

June 17 the flour barrel is full of nice Rainwater
dont leak onley out the top of it

august 19 Ela got a barrel of flour at the Roller Mill her in Town
Mr Harmon keister is the owener of it
She gave $5.00 for it and Paid $1.00
October 22 Payed $2.00 on it this Evening
when She got it the flour is Payed for

august 27th we backed the first bread out the Second barrel of flour

november 17th Mrs Harmon keister got her blue waist $2.25
it goes on the flour

november 28th Prisla Grisom Sent Ela fifty lbs of flour

Note: The Year of 1893 in the LIfe of Rosanna Croy Dawson of Blacksburg, Virginia, p.. Compiled by D. P. Pack, Blacksburg, Va. April 1980, pp.48-50.